15 February 2005

Francona Rammed From Rear...

No Manny... NO! NO!

Apparently Terry Francona was rear ended in his car today while speaking with Dale Arnold and Tony Massarotti on WEEI this morning. The interview came to a quick halt as Francona grumbled- "Ahh- jeez guys, I gotta call you back. I just got rear-ended. Pause He's got a Yankees logo on the car too."

I'm not even remotely kidding about this. Check the link. No word on whether he choked on his tobacco, but considering recent history suggests people choke at the hands of Francona...

I know, I know. Bad joke.


This Thursday means the beginning of Spring Training (pitchers and catchers report), and the first step in the defense of the 2004 Championship. New faces, new goals, excitement, controversy... I've updated the player profiles on the side of the page to more accurately reflect the 2005 squad. Eventually they'll all get in some Sox gear and they'll update. I'm seriously considering replacing the "BONDS HR TRACKER" with a Pedro stat tracker. It was so damned hard taking him off that player list. Ugh.

As Spring Training looms, baseball writers re-emerge from their winter of hibernation (not really, of course- they're just lazy then) to absolutely FLOOR us with some great pieces- Gordon Edes is now on a nice two year streak- last year with the incredible summing up of the ARod ferrago, this year with an astonishing article about Jason Varitek. Quite literally, required reading for baseball fans- not just Sox fans.

Here's an interesting interview with Curt Schilling from Ken Rosenthal from the Sporting News Online, including a lot of discussion about his availability for Opening Day, his recollection of the ankle issue... one of the better interviews I've read in a while.

An extremely promising article regarding Trot Nixon who, if he returns to his 2003 form, is one of the most productive RF in baseball. Here's a very interesting chunk:

He's here to continue his offseason regimen: healthier eating -- no late-night snacks and soft drinks -- and an attention to agility. For the month of January, Nixon worked out 3-5 hours per day four times a week, conditioning his upper body with a kickboxing instructor (though he didn't box) and his lower body with a friend who operates a hip facility.

"I'm 30," said Nixon. "When you turn 30, all of a sudden from your toenails to your earlobes things start to hurt. I changed my way of going about it. I had never done anaerobic stuff where you go hard for a minute and a half, get a 10-second break, then go hard.

"The leg responded. When I do strength exercises, the whole offseason, no problem at all. Same with my back."

In the process, he said, he dropped 14 pounds, from 232 to 218.

"Hopefully," Nixon said, "I have put myself in a position to be healthy for the upcoming season."

Good to hear. I've heard a ton of excuses regarding Trot regarding his weight gain- natural growth from a non-heavy weight room guy (makes sense- he never really "blew up", and is far from being muscular anyway), steroids (always a possibility, but I think it's more a combination of the first factor and...), quitting chewing tobacco. Whatever it is, a lithe Trot Nixon is, while likely being less of a power threat (not much less though), more likely to remain healthy for the full season. I'd still sit him against lefties, and that means he'll probably hit some pine for the Opener against the Big Mullet, but Trot Nixon, against RH pitching, is one of the best in baseball.


The Grammys happened the other night. I didn't watch it. I don't want to talk about it.


Valerie Bertinelli! Mackenzie Phillips! Bonnie Franklin! Pat Harrington Jr.! Shelley Fabares!

It's just what you've been clamoring for, America- The One Day at a Time reunion! Join ET's Mark Steines on a magical recollection of the behind the scenes magic on one of the more mediocre, boring, dated sitcoms this side of Suddenly Susan! The thirst for nostalgia knows NO boundaries! Yay!

Mark Steines- he may be hot as a blowtorch
ladies, but word is, he smells like
sweaty dick and has a size 18 poopshoot.


Tough little quiz on baseball trades in history. I got a 7/10, which is really not that great.

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Didn't watch the Grammys much, but I hear that Boston Red Sox' own Bronson Arroyo was in attendance. Don't ask me how in the blue hell I know this...something about something....but I find it bloody hilarious.

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