22 February 2005

Everything's Comin' Up Johnny...

Evan over at Firebrand of the AL on the Most Valuable Network did a little roundtable type thing-y on his site this past weekend, which I gladly took part in. The first part of the chat is currently online and ready-to-read. Many thanks to Evan for the link, and for having me amongst his imminently more qualified blogging brethren. Or something.

I should have the "obit" I did for Hunter S Thompson linked from it's ultimate destination, TWEED, soon. It's in the process of being posted.


Johnny Damon reported to camp Monday, fit as a fiddle (this winter, instead of nighttime caveman car chases in the woods, it was pushups with his wife on his back, and swimming with alligators- seriously) and looking ahead to his expiring contract at the end of 2005. Simply put, he wants an extension.

"Well, I would definitely love to get something done and lock up the rest of my career here in Boston. It's up to them," said the 31-year-old Damon, who belted 20 homers and drove in 94 runs in 2004. "I know they want to see what kind of shape I [was] when I came into camp. Mentally, I'm stronger than I've ever been. Physically, I feel very strong. I've trimmed up a lot."

Damon's an interesting case where this is concerned. So much will ultimately play into it- whether the Sox KEEP Hanley Ramirez and decide to try him in CF, whether that works out, whether Damon proves 2004 wasn't the exception, but the rule, if he can continue to stay so prodigiously healthy. As an enormous fan of his, I'd love to see a fair market extension (his current rate for another, say, three years)- but if the organization is certain Hanley can be as great as projected and move to CF, it might not make sense to hold onto him.

But then, you look at these pictures and think, "do I want to have anyone else roaming CF for my team?" And yes, that's him, tongue out, devil horns up, next to war hero Jessica Lynch. Gotta love him.


Some more Spring Training photos...

"Hated that ball, man." (boston.com)

"Yo, we need a new handshake. This one's gay." (boston.com)

It's too cold here. Really. (bostonherald.com)


2:35 PM... MORE PHOTOS...

Raise your hand if the Broseph loves you... (yahooports.com)

"Yo, photographer... you seen my wife? You'd bang her, right?" (yahooports.com)

"Hahahaha! Ahhhh.... no but seriously, I did write a book." (yahooports.com)

"I'm collecting citizenships. This winter, it was Brazil." (yahooports.com)

"I was the one that wrote 'Don't Worry Be Happy.' McFerrin's a liar." (yahooports.com)

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At 7 or so this morning, 2/23, "Firebrand" was down. Looking forward to reading that roundtable, though. There was something similar at "Bronx Banter," but it was composed of pissed off and sad Yankee fans.

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