24 January 2005

Who Shot the Baseball News Guy?

Seriously. I mean, save for Carlos Delgado, has ANYTHING happened in baseball in the last, say, three weeks? Ugh. Garbage. What the hell am I supposed to write about? Some huge jerkoff thing about how great Johnny Carson was? Eh. He was great. Everyone knows it. Plus, I've done enough jerkoff stuff on my site. The reign of terror must end.

Anyway, so the best I can do is to remark how excited I am to go to Barnes and Noble on Friday the 28th. There, Krist Novoselic is signing copies of his new book, Of Grunge and Government: Let's Fix This Broken Democracy!. Of course, Krist is better known as the bass player in Nirvana, my favorite music group ever. In fact, one time in college, I got a hold of his home mailing address, and for the first time in my life, I wrote a "fan letter." Well, more like a "you were in the band that changed my life, so if you ever want to hang out..." I was being hospitable.

We never hung out, but he did return my letter with a postcard saying:

Oh this crazy internet world!

Krist Novoselic"

Meaning, "isn't it cool how the internet brought us buddies-forever together?" Or something. Anyway, I'm 100% on fan letter return-rate. Sweetness.


Wanna check out a REALLY cool site? Here. It's the Baseball Uniform Database, a search engine for baseball uniforms. Let's say you wanted to see what uniforms the 1966 Kansas City A's wore:

How about the 1974 Chicago White Sox?

Yep, that's red. How about the 1931 Red Sox (pinstripes!)

Also, some nagging questions answered. The Baltimore Orioles inexplicably rid their away uniforms of the "Baltimore" in 1973. Further, apparently the Cardinals rid themselves of the very great "St. Louis" away uniforms (speaking of course of the era starting with the "cardinal birds on bats" design), starting them in 1930, going to "St. Louis" in home AND road in 1931, and then ditching it all together in 1933. Anyway, these are two teams with really great home uniforms that, for some reason, basically replicated them in grey on the road, something I never liked. Those "Baltimore" jerseys were real cool, I thought.

You gotta love the 1906 Giants too. That's moxie. Plus, there's the plaid days (1916), a sad day in Giants history. Then there's the '41 Giants, bearing a more-than-passing resemblance to the New York Mets of 21 years later. Finally, the New York Giants we know and love. These were great, too.

Fun site to dick around at.

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Why can't there be a job where you just browse through pages of uniforms (and uni numbers) and boxscores, and then just kind of report on your findings at your own pace, for no one in particular? I'd be Donald F'n Trump at that job, man.

Now I've gotta go to NYC two nights in a row! (Poor me.) Krist on Friday, Kristin Hersh on Saturday. Thanks for the info!

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