29 January 2005

Tickets! Tickets! Tickets!

On sale today! Virtual Waiting Room HELL! Well anyway, I braved the rough going starting 10AM this morning, opening up 25 browser pages all set to the VWR and refreshing automatically every 30 seconds. At around 1045, one finally clicked through. I almost pulled my back out lunging to select through to choose a game- they give you a grand total of like, 25 seconds before they kick you out. It's actually gotten so tough that according to this article in PROJO, only 1 out of 28 ticket buyers online actually come away with the ducats.

So, I go to the end of July- near my birthday- and see a nice Friday contest against the Minnesota Twins. This is a plus because the Broseph is a great Torii Hunter admirer, and the Twins have some fight in 'em. Also, they're not the FUCKING Devil Rays, whom I've seen nearly 300 times in the last 5+ years. I've always wanted to sit along the third base line, because for some reason, I never have. So, we got 4 LF Grandstand tickets. Not bad.

Sec G32 Row 16 Seats 15-18

So, knowing there was interest in seeing a late-season playoff push game, I went to September and saw a nice Thurs. evening Angels/ Sox contest (all the while painfully aware of the possibility of getting kicked out and losing not only this game, but the order page for the initial tickets). The Angels have Vladimir Guerrero, a top favorite of the Bullshit Memorial. No brainer. RF Boxes this time.

Sec B92 Row WW Seats 17-20

And finally, after Erin bought me the Red Sox Nation Card (I'm not one of those losers that had some huge hangup over a marketing gimmick- I don't believe everything FleaBag tells me I should), I knew there were some ticket buying "opportunities," and it turns out, it was going to be the chance to purchase tickets a day before everyone else (Friday). So Erin and I decided to actually buy some tickets ourselves. Nice. Anyway, we narrowed the list of teams we wanted to see down as much as possible, and came up with a (pretty) short list. She was interested in Oakland (she likes Zito), Anaheim, and Baltimore. I wanted to see Cleveland, Minnesota... or Oakland and Anaheim. Anyway, ultimately, the game that made most sense for us was June 27th against Cleveland. We chose to go Bleacher, and it REALLY paid off. We got second row of the batter's eye RIGHT in CF. Like, straight line from home plate. On top of Johnny Damon ALL NIGHT. Mike is going to kill me when he reads that. He'll be too jealous.

Sec L34 Row 2 Seats 14-15

So thus far, I've got tickets to THREE games. Not bad. There's always the random wild card game-that-you-didn't-have-tickets-to-until-game-day ones that just pops out of nowhere too.


So, Bill, Bill's girlfriend Mary, Stew and I went to the Astor Place Barnes and Noble and saw Krist Novoselic last night. We listened to him give a well-reasoned and impassioned talk on the subjects in his book- proportional representation, instant run-off voting, abolishing the electoral college. After the speech, we all lined up to get the book signed, or, in our case, shake his hand and say hi.

It was really exciting to meet this guy, who had played on all these records I'd really just obsessed over my whole life. He's at least 6'7", and has lost a lot of his hair. We shook hands, and he was joking with Stew about the Tweed correspondence, which has an old image (which I'm really not fond of) of Hitler with a Nike logo on his arm. Kinda heavy handed.

Then he told us about this Hitler record he has on vinyl, and that one time he was having a party at his house he was getting sick of, and he put it on.

"Really cleared the room, man. God, what an awful record."

It was funny, because I think we were all conscious of not wanting to crowd him or take too much of his time, but even as we were politely pulling away, he kept wanting to talk to us. Seems like a really, really nice fella. Glad I met him.

Of course, it was -10 outside and 95 degrees IN the B&N, which gave me a colossal headache, and some girl we barely knew followed us around to the cafe we went to... but oh well. It was a good time. TWEED is strong.


Finally, check this out. It's for Nintendo GameCube, so it'll be a shitty game, and there's no need for me to buy it. But hot-damn, that's a fine looking cover.

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Thanks for the Novoselic review...The show in the city I was gonna go to tonight sold out, so now I realize I should have gone to see Krist last night. Damn. But it's just so damn COLD... Glad you got some tix, too. In that view from your LF grandstand seats, you can see my seats (heh, heh, I'm hobnobbin' with the D's and the E's down where the boxes jut out) for the Twins game the day after your Twins game. Too bad we didn't get the same game, then you could've thrown popcorn boxes at the back of my head. You got some good locations. Well, anything but RF GS is good... This was the first time I ever thought to open more than one browser for this, but this computer didn't like that. I got through by phone at noon, and now it's 2:30 and I'm still in the VWR. Even though I already got my tix, I'm just seeing how long that thing will take.

By Blogger Jere, at 1/29/2005 2:32 PM  

Is that what it's come to? Bringing a girl over your brother? I thought better, I just thought better...

By Blogger Mike Rogan, at 1/29/2005 11:20 PM  

Oh boo friggin hoo. You know I got you and I tix for the next day. That's THREE games you're going to. Anyways, I gots to keep the ladies happy, Broseph.

By Blogger BS Memorial, at 1/30/2005 12:02 AM  

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