07 January 2005

Thoughts as They Floated Through My Head...

  • Just updated the CD Collection page, as well as the DVD Collection. Why? Well, I decided to ditch the O'Nan/ King book Faithful, which frankly really sucked ass. Further, I'd gotten Collateral in the mail from Columbia House by mistake (I did the club and forgot to deny the annoying automatic monthly DVD ship), and while I loved the movie, it's not one I'd want to own. One does not necessarily require the other, of course.

    So, I took them both back to Borders to exchange (that place is awesome for that). In return, I got The Arcade Fire's Funeral, Madvillain's Madvillainy, and TV on the Radio's Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes. I also finally got the second half of the recent Seinfeld DVD release when I picked up Seasons 1 & 2. The 3rd Season DVD was incredibly awesome, so it was worth it.

  • I refuse to get into the Doug Mientkiewicz-has-the-ball shitstorm, but I will say this- why anyone is giving credence to something started from the pen of Dan "Curly-Haired Boyfriend" Shaughnessy needs their head examined. So pathetic.

  • The dream is over.

  • --"What's the good news?"
    --"Aaron Carter's SUV burst into flames!"
    --"Whoa! That's incredible! Wait, what on earth could the BAD news be?!"
    --"He, uh, survived."

  • I really think Ashlee Simpson is like, a science experiment her dad created to make as much of a celebrity with as little discrenible talent as is humanly possible. Really trying to max out that ratio, in other words. In showbiz, it's pretty simple. Totally OK to have a shit voice if you can write (Lou Reed, David Bowie, Dylan). And it's just fine-n-dandy to have no writing talent if you can really perform (too many to mention). So what'd Mr. Jessica Simpson's Dad think? "I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna make it work with NEITHER!"

    Well, it ain't goin' so well.

  • "Aisha, Aisha, lives in a dream..."

  • I always get a kick out of being in like, an apartment building's elevator, and seeing it go from "12" to "14." What is that? It's still the 13th floor! You can tell everyone, even your shrink, that you live on the 14th floor, and if that makes you feel better, great- but you don't live on the 14th floor. You live on the 13th. Doesn't matter what you call it. Just like if I tell someone to suck my lollipop, and they go for the Dum-Dum in my hand, and I say, "Oh no, I meant my sexual reproduction organ. Suck on that."

    Still my dick. Doesn't matter what I call it. (And for the record, that don't work, either)

    And isn't it weird that a hotel or whatever thinks, "yea, it makes sense to incorrectly identify every floor number over 12 just for the sake of superstition. That's an incredibly sensible, logical, adult thing to do." I mean, I know it's tradition, but it's fucking dumb.

  • Bill and I at Tweed interviewed Ian from the band Argentine at Barcade in Williamsburg recently. The interview is now up at Tweed Online.

  • I am rooting hard for this Lowe-to-LA Dodgers rumor to happen. I really, really want Derek to do well, and let's be honest- one of the best infield defenses in baseball and Chavez Ravine is like tailor-made to Lowe's strengths. I'd love to see him succeed, so I hope this contract goes through. One thing though- don't think they'll be able to be convinced to give Derek his usual #32, though. Oh well.

  • I've decided to re-open the "comments" option on this blog, but only with the hopes that Dirt Dog has grown tired of stopping by here and posting Anonymous "I hate this site" dirges. How do I know it's him? He more or les quotes those old comments in emails. Anyway, he's been on ESPN, yet he spends his time trashing this rinky-dink little dog-and-pony show. Pathetic.

    But I'm pretty sure he's forgotten I exist, so "comment" away- I'd love to know what people think of the joint.

  • I have re-done the masthead of the site, as you can see. I hated the old one, and so I just made my own. The font is cool, isn't it? What about the bunting- does anyone like that? Please do use the "comment" feature to give me your pair of pennies.

  • Some story about banning an ad with Mickey Rooney's bare ass, which Mickey takes great offense to.

    Rooney, who was planning a Super Bowl party, says in a statement he's angry. He wanted to be the butt of this joke: "What we're selling here is something I really believe in, which is an awareness of the germs we're all exposed to. There's nothing sensual about the brief exposure of my backside, and it's not gratuitous. ... It's a fun spot, and the public deserves to see it."

    Oh man. Now THAT is funny. "Rooney, who was planning a Super Bowl party..." Poor guy. He actually had some new material to show his friends, and now this. Why else go to a "Mickey Rooney Super Bowl Party" than to see his new cold medicine commercial, starring him and his bare ass? Otherwise, you'll just get a lot of bitter, "I coulda been the next Brando" bitch-and-moan, right? In fact, having his comeback thwarted again, it'll be even worse now, won't it? I love how he pledges allegiance to the product, though. Ha.


    This ad must be shown.

  • Speaking of barely-dressed old dudes, this guy got all sensual on his WalMart customers, handing out photos of his 65-year old body in nothing but a plastic WalMart bag. Nice. The best part of the pictures is that they're not salacious or sexual at all- they look like bored mugshots, or something Buffalo Bill made him do. "It puts the WalMart bag on it's genitals!"

    He looks a lot like Walter Cronkite. They gave him a second chance, too- and he couldn't resist passing them out to customers again before being fired. So yes, the article makes him look bad, but take it from me- my grandfather is a really good guy when you get to know him.

  • Uh oh.

  • Since I've decided to keep, but retire, my Pedro Martinez away Red Sox jersey, I have to get a new one by Opening Day to fill that void. I haven't decided who it will be yet. Trot Nixon is my home jersey, so it can't be him. As of right now, here's the pecking order, per se.

    1. Manny Ramirez, 24

    2. David Ortiz, 34

    3. Keith Foulke, 29

    4. Johnny Damon, 18

    5. Curt Schilling, 38

    6. Mark Bellhorn, 12

    Ha. I'm not getting a Bellhorn one. Anyway, it's really between Manny and Ortiz at this point, with Manny having the big edge. What can I say, I'm a Manny guy. Of course, Foulke is a serious consideration because he's a pitcher, and I love pitcher's, and I'd love to have a pitcher's jersey. But oh well- I can live with Manny. As long as he's not traded this offseason, it's likely he's got 4 more years with Boston, contrasted with Damon being a free agent after '05, Schilling being here for only two more years and Bellhorn to go as soon as he becomes worth too much. So it's Ortiz/ Ramirez/ Foulke really, and as much as I love Foulke, it's gotta be one of the two Big Dominicans.

    Love Papi, but I'll always be a Manny guy.
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    "Are yuo calling Drit Dog a spamer?!?"

    The Aicha guy is on his way to becoming a celebrity, akin to the chubby Darth Maul kid.

    I like the new banner; bunting is always good, except if you do it to break up a no-hitter.

    By Blogger Empyreal, at 1/08/2005 8:33 PM  

    Good post broseph, I enjoy the random shit. Oh by the way I just bought Anchorman and kept Faith Rewarded, gonna be honest, not as good as the World Series DVD you bought.

    By Blogger Mike Rogan, at 1/09/2005 1:12 AM  

    As for Dirt Dog being a spammer...

    "Aer yuo callnuing him a lyar?"

    Anyway, Bro- I agree 100% on "Faith Rewarded," and I'll probably be putting up a column comparing the two- unless you do...

    By Blogger BS Memorial, at 1/09/2005 1:24 AM  

    I'm psyched for what I hope will be a regular feature on this blog: "The Broseph Responds."

    By Blogger Jere, at 1/09/2005 12:45 PM  

    Who the fuck would wanna see Mickey Rooney's bare ass anyway? That's like asking if somebody wants to see Carl Lewis' bare ass ;)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/11/2005 4:09 AM  

    Carl Lewis' bare ass offers us all a human chain, and we will NEVER break it up...

    By Blogger BS Memorial, at 1/11/2005 1:25 PM  

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