18 January 2005

Lost Weekend...

You all missed me, I'm sure. Anyway, I was hunkered down in my solo bunker, bachelor-pad style, with the Woman at home in upstate NY. So what'd I do? Well, less' tayk ah look, eh?

This weekend was, first and foremost, all about GTA: SA. Due to it's sheer enormity, I'd been putting off getting back into it- it can be pretty daunting, and it isn't very nice to put the Woman through it, when a good session requires like, 3 hours minimum. Flying solo, though- it was a weekend of free time. It was on.

All told, between Friday, Saturday, Sunday and a good portion of Monday- I played a fucking ton. You thought I had an hours-and-minutes figure for you there, didn't you? Anyway, we're talking up-until-3-AM or later every night, marathon sessions. I managed to unlock San Fierro, knock out an assload of missions, and figure a way to get obscene amounts of money.

If you go to the Off Track Betting stations, you can actually bet as much as you want on a longshot that's 12-1. So, I just saved my game, drove over to the OTB, put it all on "Breakfast Nook" to win, and waited. If it lost, I just hit "PAUSE" and loaded my game from the point of my last save. If I win- nice. That's a LOT of money.

I have $139,000,000 right now. Plus, CJ is ripped out of his mind, has mad "RESPECT" and can sprint for an unlimited amount of time. For real, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of those beautiful, glorious, shining great things in life. Just pure, uncut, insane fun. I'd have paid a hundred for the game. But I didn't- just $50. And? David Cross, Charlie Murphy, Samuel L Jackson, James Woods, Big Boi and Chris Penn are in it.



Also, I watched a tiny bit of football too, namely the Falcons game with Vick. That guy is RETARDED good- I got bored though, cos it was a blowout, and I returned to GTA:SA, but damn. There was one play, where he was waiting back, and the defense was closing in on him... and he just frigging exploded. I mean, WOW. Crazy.

And? That is a handsome man. I know that's not very NFL of me to say, but shit. I call em like I see em- that guy must get LOADS of tang.

I really don't like football, and do not follow it, but when there's something at stake, it's easier to focus on what little you enjoy about it and sort of appreciate it for what it is, especially if it's a good game. Also cool to hear the Patriots won- in the snow, too. That's cool to watch.


At one point, I went over to Gracie Mews Diner on 81st and 1st to get something I hadn't gotten in ages- my old Victory Burger- and I walked over instead of paying for a tip. This was at about 2:30 AM, so there weren't many people there. While I was there, there was a woman filling out a greeting card of some kind, conversing with the waitress over what to use as the final sign-off.

My go-to sign off, when it's not "Love," is always some variation of "Regards," or "Best Regards," because it seems nice and ambivalent. Most other sign-offs have some sort of uncomfortable "baggage" attached- "Sincerely," is too played, "Warmly," is really gay. The waitress kept insisting "Affectionately," was the way to go, mostly because she felt like avoiding "Love," was such a must. I came into the conversation midway, so I had no idea why.

"Yeah, I shouldn't use 'Love,'- I mean, he's got a wife, she could get mad!"

"Dear Reader- You a Bustah. Affectionately, BMS"

Ahh. That's why. So anyway, as I was leaving, I kept thinking, "Just keep your mouth shut. They're nice ladies, they don't really care about your opinion on the subject. Just take your Victory Burger, pay the nice lady, and get the fuck out of-"

ME: "You should use 'Best Regards.'"

SLIGHTLY-CAUGHT-OFF-GUARD-WAITRESS: "Nah, it's a sympathy letter."

Well she had a fine point. "Best Regards," on a sympathy letter is tremendously poor form. In fact, "Affectionately" works perfectly on there. Of course, this all begs the question- what kind of wife is getting cheating vibes from a sympathy letter, even if it is signed off with "Love,"? What a bitch.


Look at those pretties. No baseball news, but I was surfing somewhere, and noticed those bad boys. Wow. There it is. I almost have to get tickets this season for that reason alone! Insane. Still freaks me out to think of it.

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No baseball and no soda makes PTH a dull girl. No baseball and no soda makes PTH a dull girl. No baseball and no soda makes PTH a dull girl. No baseball and no soda makes PTH a dull girl.No baseball and no soda makes PTH a dull girl. No baseball and no soda makes PTH a dull girl.No baseball and no soda makes PTH a dull girl. No baseball and no soda makes PTH a dull girl.

All I got is that goddamn Hot Stove Heaters thing and school starting up next week keeping me sane. Blahh! And school really isn't helping.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/18/2005 2:53 AM  

Somebody posted those tickets on SoSH, and covered up the seat numbers, but left the BAR CODE on there. They told him to erase it, and the guy did, but anybody who copied that bar code can now go to opening day, as long as they're ahead of the guy in line at the turnstiles...

By Blogger Jere, at 1/18/2005 10:21 PM  

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