23 January 2005

Johnny Carson, dead at 79.

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Perfect Timmy!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/23/2005 7:52 PM  

As a teenager in the 60's Johnny Carson and the Tonight Show was my favorite thing. Johnny's incredibly quick wit made each night something exciting to look forward to. The best was when the monologue went bad. His eye rolls, expressions, and ad-lib one liners would always get great laughs. Of all his regular guests, I think the best was when Johnny and Don Rickles got together. One of Johnny's most unique talents was how effortlessly he changed to straight man for his comedian guests. The back and forth was great. A close second was Buddy Hackett.
I love comedians and to laugh and it all started with Heeeeeere's Johnny!

By Blogger nagor, at 1/24/2005 10:02 AM  

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