25 January 2005

Delgado Smells Fishy...

Looks like Carlos finally chose. Delgado signed a 4-year, $52 million dollar contract with the Florida Marlins Tuesday, improving a team that has fast become one of the finest in the National League. For a team like the Marlins, this is a huge contract, and may prove to handcuff them in the future. That being said, Carlos Delgado is a tremendous hitter, is not yet too old, and can play league average defense at first.

The deal he got is heavily backloaded, so instead of going through all that, let's look at the AAV (average annual value). At $13 million a year, I think this is a steal in the current market- especially considering the deals signed by Sexson, Glaus and even, to some extent, Beltre. Delgado is better than two out of those three- considerably- and could be better than Beltre is 04 turns out to be an aberration. This is not overpaying- the 4th year was a risk, yes- this was Carlos' market value. His type of player tends to last longer and hit more productively deep into their thirties.

Sure he'll miss taking days off at DH, and a lefty hitting at Pro Player is like... well like the opposite of a lefty hitting in Yankee Stadium. Put it that way. Delgado hasn't had an OPS+ below 125 since 1997, and has gone as high as 182, 160, 153. He gets on base at a tremendous rate and absolutely smacks the ball- he has a career SLG of .556, a number not very much aided by largely neutral Skydome.

So now the Marlins look pretty good for the NL East. It's tough to pick them, considering that every year I pick someone but the Braves, and every year the Braves win. I'd still hedge and pick Atlanta, but it's interesting looking at Florida going forward. They're strong at catcher (Lo Duca), first base, second base (Luis Castillo), third base (Mike Lowell), and left field (Miguel Cabrera). Add to that Juan Pierre, who's not much of a hitter, but can steal bases and play good defense, and Alex Gonzalez, who can't hit anything, but may be the best defensive SS in the NL. The RF platoon of Conine and Encarnacion is decent too.

The rotation has the chance to be dominating or a huge issue. If Burnett and Beckett can put together complete, healthy seasons, they'll be off to a pretty impressive start. Leiter can be a ballast there, and with Willis settling in, they have a very good rotation. Guillermo Mota has the potential to be a dominating closer, and with a little middle relief, they'd have a very good relief corps.

Compare that to Atlanta who, while they have an impressive starting five in Hudson, Smoltz, Hampton, Thomson and Ramirez (?) and a solid bullpen (though I'm convinced Kolb may be a bit of a disaster as a closer next year due to his remarkably low K rate), are a LONG way from the offense of 2003 that lead the NL.

Furcal and Giles are what they are- Giles in particular has the chance to be an MVP candidate. But Chipper Jones is aging, Raul Mondesi is replacing OPS-of-1.000+ JD Drew, Brian Jordan was brought on to do something in left field, though I'm not sure what. Couldn't be to provide league average offense, so I don't know what it would be. Johnny Estrada is a huge bright spot, of course, and Andruw Jones can be relied on for run-saving defense and some power.

I guess my point is that as of right now, it looks like they're dead even at this point, with a talent edge in favor of Florida. Should be a fun race.

Following that, though, it's fun to look at the contenders in the NL. Who are they? The teams it would seem to me with a real legit on-paper shot at the playoffs would be Atlanta, Florida, Chicago, St. Louis, Los Angeles, San Diego. New York may make an August run at a wild card, but if they don't improve the late inning pitching, they won't come close. Houston has no offense, especially with Berkman on the shelf for so long. And San Francisco? Buster Olney can pick him to win the NL West all he wants (says they made the NL's "most dramatic improvement"). Let's take a look at a quick fact.

SF Giants, AGE (in 2005)
Bonds, B___________40
Grissom, M_________38
Alou, M____________38
Snow, J____________37
Durham, R__________33
Vizquel, O_________38
Alfonzo, E_________31
Matheny, M_________34

There are a ton of AARP/ Matlock/ Murder She Wrote jokes here. I'm sure the ones you're thinking are just as funny as mine would be. Looking at that, and looking at their bullpen (which DID improve with Armando Benitez as closer replacing Dustin Hermanson), it makes me think: man, that Joe Nathan-for-Pierzynski was a BRUTAL trade, huh? One guy goes on to be the most valuable reliever in the AL, the other knees his trainer in the nuts, alienates his pitching staff, and his non-tendered at year end. Awesome.

So, Florida's in good position, basically.


Oh my GOD, this is a ROYAL clusterfuckup. Initially, it was thought to be a five year fixup, putting a strain on nearly the entire West Side subway system for the forseeable future. I guess they devised a quick-fix type band-aid that'd take only 6-9 months, which is still a huge mess.

In fact, the "C" train is specifically my gateway to N/S along the west side. I usually catch the M79 from my apartment, take it across town to the 81st street "C/B" stop. I don't really know how this effects that specific stop, but if I get a job on the west side, and I can't use that stop- that's like three extra train changes for me. That's fucking BULL-SHIT.

Know how it started? Some vagrant lit a fire to keep warm underground, using some blocks of wood apparently. It set the entire wire infrastructure vital to the "C" train running aflame, melting and blackening it enough to take it out of comission 100%. What a god damn travesty. Hey, annoying vagrant...


I was listening to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" on my iPod today, and man, that song is really sad. Like, just such a bummer. It's like a blues song. A teenager one, of course. I mean, that first line is depressing-

I come home in the morning light/
My mother says "When you gonna live your life right?"

It's a great song, don't get me wrong- I just hear that and I think, "the poor girl." You know? There's this bouncing beat behind her, and she's worried about her parents comin' down on her. Rough stuff. I think it's Cindy's voice. It's really sad when the song starts. Heart-breaking, really.

Damn. I love that song.

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Why doesn't it surprise me that you interpreted the Cyndi Lauper song that way? Though it is true in a sense.

As for Lauper "Time After Time" is a great song

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/26/2005 8:16 PM  

Why didn't it surprise you? I have no idea, cos I don't know who you are. Might want to include that, so I can have something to go on.

And yea, "Time After Time" rocks too.

By Blogger BS Memorial, at 1/26/2005 9:18 PM  

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