25 December 2004

Varitek Resigns, Xmas Wrapup...

Jason Varitek re-signed with the Red Sox Friday on a 4 year, $40 million dollar deal. There is a new club policy written into the contract that acts as a compromise for the no-trade clause Varitek wanted, but was not granted. In it, the Red Sox have stated they cannot trade a player with 8 years of continuous service in Boston without their consent. Varitek will reach that status this coming September.

The bottom line in this deal is that while we grossly overpaid for Varitek in both years and dollars, he was by FAR and away the best (and only, realistically) catcher alternative on the market. Couple the fact that Boston wanted to go in this direction, and the fact that Varitek was a player that gets such effusive, widespread praise across the board for his preparation and ability to maximize results from his pitching staff, there are worse ways for the Red Sox to "overspend" their money.

It's likely that the deal will become a bit of an albatross in the final two years of it's duration, but there was little wiggle room here. Though it appears the Red Sox had the leverage of being the only team willing to pay the salary he was seeking (5/$55), it appears this may not have been totally accurate. By telling teams that Varitek would not entertain offers until after the team's January 8th deadline to retain him, Boras and Varitek were able to basically set the market for the catcher.

When considering that in the Theo Epstein era, the team with the #2 payroll in baseball has signed only ONE contract previous to Varitek's that can be deemed "overpaying" (BH Kim), and that including Varitek, the team has only THREE players that are being overpaid (Ramirez, Kim, Varitek), it makes the Tek signing a bit more palatable. The Yankees roster, in contrast, has but a small handful of players NOT drastically overpaid. Boston can afford this.

Also, at the press conference, Varitek was surprised with the announcement that he'd been named "captain." I think it's a great idea, so long as that "C" is nowhere to be found Opening Day. This ain't hockey.


Broseph- "I got this plastic... table thing! YES!"
BS Memorial- "LUCKY!"

Earlier in November, I posted my X-mas list, hoping to do a comparison of what I asked for/ got. Of course I didn't expect to get everything on my list, so here's what panned out for ol' BS Memorial (items in bold are ones I got):

The New Rolling Stone Album Guide- Book
Ren and Stimpy Season One- DVD
Seinfeld Season Three- DVD
The Simpsons Season Five- DVD
Ken Burns Baseball Documentary- DVD
MLB Extra Innings TV Package
Dawn of the Dead Unrated Director’s Cut- DVD
2005 Bill James Handbook- Book
SpiderMan 2- DVD
Napoleon Dynamite- DVD

Short Cuts: Criterion Collection- DVD
Strangers on a Train- DVD
Anchorman- DVD
Bases Loaded- David Ortiz/ Cynthia Roquez- CD
Darth Vader Voice Changer
Various pieces of Red Sox World Series memorabilia

In addition, I got the following:

  • Boxer shorts.

  • A dress shirt

  • Pawtucket Red Sox adjustable hat

  • Portland Sea Dogs BP "jersey"

  • Portland Sea Dogs t-shirt

  • Picture BS Memorial in this, it's... incredible. It's... awesome.

    Further, the Broseph, in addition to the Pixies tickets, rocked the Kanye West CD for me (which I had to help him find at Coconuts). Li'l Sis got me a gift certificate to the movies and a Pizzeria Uno gift certificate. Finally, my Dad actually got me a 16"x20" signed, framed photo of the Baby Bull, full with a nice little "2004 World Series MVP" plaque at the bottom. Very nice. The Broseph got a Johnny Damon one too, and shook in place as he opened it.

    Of the things I didn't get, I'm gonna have to go and get Dawn of the Dead, The Simpsons Season 5 and of course, Anchorman when it comes out. I also have to exchange the version of Strangers on a Train the Moms got me- I actually asked for it because they came out with a new, snazzy version.

    Plus now I have all these fucking CDs I want to get in the soon-to-be-future. I'll start chipping away soon...

  • Pavement- Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: LA's Desert Origins

  • Arcade Fire- Funeral

  • Madvillain- Madvilliany

  • Ghostface- The Pretty Toney Album

  • TV on the Radio- Desperate Youth, BLoodthirsty Babes

  • Iron & Wine- These Endless Numbered Days

  • RJD2- Since We Last Spoke

  • Sonic Youth- Murray Street

  • Sonic Youth- Sonic Nurse
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