27 December 2004

Ramble On...

  • Conan O'Brien writes a great piece on the Red Sox winning the World Series from the Globe's Commemorative Issue. Funny bastard. Theo Epstein was also named "Bostonian of the Year." Click the link, if only for the pictures, and facts like this-
    There are lots of laughs to go with the long days. Epstein is a good impressionist and can enliven even the dullest contract discussion by assuming the voice of "Borat," the hilarious Kazakh character from HBO's Da Ali G Show.

  • I really don't like Ann Curry. At all.

  • Part of me thinks that by far and away the most annoying weather characteristic on a given day is really hard, driving, non-stop wind. I hate it. I really, really do. And then it snows, and I remember that I fucking hate that and my wet feet more.

  • I was playing my iPod on shuffle the other day, and some song came on, and my immediate reaction was- "SKIP! Ugh, I frigging hate that song."

    Huh? It's on YOUR IPOD DIPSHIT!

    I don't get it either.

  • The Broseph and I both agreed that if we were MLB players, we'd probably dress our uniforms a lot like Doug Mientkiewicz. High socks, et al. I decided if I were to play for the Red Sox, I'd want my number to be 72. The Broseph'd be a really fast, rangey centerfielder with the number 10. In other words, nothing like real life. He also expressed interest in being the mop-up man relief pitcher, cos you'd never be facing pressure- you only pitch in blowouts, make a million a year, and get great seats for the games. You win it all, you get a ring. Makes sense...

  • Nic Cage likes leather pants, I think.

  • The 2004 Dead Celebrities List has to stack up with any other year- Brando, Dangerfield, Ray Charles, ODB... come on. A big shout out to anyone who can email me a better Dead Celeb Year.

  • People who refer to celebrities as "celebs" effin' creep me out.

  • I'm wondering if I should get this. I do so love old-school WWF, you know.

  • Oh man, you ever get so thirsty when you wake up that you pour a glass of water, and as soon as you start to sip it, you can't help but utter a tiny gutteral groan of satisfaction? Like, "whoa, I didn't even know how thirsty I was until I drank this water. Shit." Ugh-ahhh

  • DVD Easter Eggs. Good way to kill some time.

  • A Xmas Miracle! I don't post this article because it'll make the Broseph's eyes water with joy, though I know it will.

  • Pitchfork has their yearly lists up- Top 50 Albums, Top 50 Singles and Best Reissues.

  • I'm done with OJ, probably for life. That's because when I consume alcohol, it's usually in conjunction with orange juice (and I guess by "usually" I mean "always", cos I don't fucking drink beer). As a result, whenever I try straight OJ, I get that "sting in the back of your throat from alcohol" taste, which isn't pleasant at any time of the day you'd normally drink OJ. But see, I chose orange juice originally because it always tasted pretty good, but I didn't mind sacrificing it. Also, I've found that the creature known as "Hot Chick Bartender" loves when you ask for the Screwdriver by making a screwdriver-like motion with your hand. Just sayin'.

  • Okay, deal!

  • I have to check out The Life Aquatic soundtrack- if it includes all of Seu Jorge's (aka Knockout Ned/ Pele) Portugese Bowie interpretations, I just might have to buy it.

  • Wanda (our dog) and I, though seperated by many miles (she was with the Woman in upstate NY), had very similar Xmas mornings. Got up, got some presents, took a dump on the rug, had some ham and knocked out for two-plus hours.

  • I went to Borders to go exchange some gifts my Moms got me, and noticed that there was a "buy 3 DVDs, get one free" deal goin' down. So, since I was already exchanging (ostensibly "buying") two DVDs and planned on purchasing another, I could swipe a free one. So I did. I returned:
    Seinfeld Season Three (have it already)
    Strangers on a Train (the Moms got the wrong edition- there was a new one I was interested in)

    ...and got:
    Dawn of the Dead (2004 version, if only for the "Headkills" feature)
    The Simpsons: Season 5
    Short Cuts- Criterion Collection (came with a collection of Raymond Carver short stories)
    Strangers on a Train (new version)

    So basically, I only paid for Short Cuts. Borders is the best for returns/ exchanges.

  • All of a sudden, I think I like Oprah. I don't know when it happened, or why, or if I'm even 100% on that... just, it might be true. Not her show though. Ech.

  • I'm going to try my hardest, through HBO OnDemand, to get "into" Carnivale and Deadwood. Worth a shot- the last time I made that sort of effort, it was with The Wire which, as it turns out, is the best show on TV. Carnivale I started last night, and it's promising so far.

  • I wish people everywhere could see Dickie Roberts: Child Star, or whatever the fuck it's called, but without having to "see" it. Like they absorb it through movie osmosis or something. That way everyone would nod appreciatively when I bring up how stunningly awful it was. I think it was the worst movie I've ever seen, but the Broseph didn't believe me. "No way it was worse than Batman and Robin." Hard to believe, but it was. I challenge him to watch it.

  • Burgundy did it- HIGH-OH!

  • There is joy in life, and then there is taking all your new Xmas shit and "putting it away." I love it.

  • Finally, I think I'm going to work out that The Wire post later tonight, but no promises, as I have a bunch of visitors tonight, AND I have interview questions to write for TWEED. Speaking of which, the Saturday Looks Good to Me interview is currently up and running... and viewable. Stew totally had an orgy with the band post-show. I'm just telling you what I heard.

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