30 November 2004

Wanda, "Faithful," Movie Schedule...

Meet Wanda (seen here with her original, borderline retarded original owner), the newest member of the Bullshit Memorial family. She's a good kid. Still young enough to fall under the "shit/ piss/ barf factory" label, but she'll grow out of that. Right? Right?!

Wanda is a nice mix of mini-dachsund and her mom... a mutt. Hey Wanda, your mother's a fucking mutt!! That's pretty funny, but also pretty mean. Wanda, I apologize for attacking your lineage.

I'm gonna paint a huge Yankees logo on her piss pad, cos that'd be fucking funny. I get the sense you think I'm kidding. I most certainly am not.


As far as fun ways to re-live a very fun span of time goes, Faithful is a worthy entry. I've already reached the entry from O'Nan on April 10th- a game I attended. It's one of the more in-depth chronicles so far (I'm about 75 pages deep), and as it was one of my favorite in-person games I've ever seen, I enjoyed it immensely. Just really funny reading of a guy seeing the same "Damon's Disciples" we saw both at the park and the McDonald's rest stop on the way home. Stewart O'Nan adds that Pedro "wasn't great- but very, very good." I would, of course, disagree- save for an Orlando Hudson HR, Pedro was vintage that night, as evidenced by the cavernous "Pe-dro, Pe-dro!" chants.

One thing he DID mention that I hadn't really noticed- Francona pulled Pedro mid-inning, something that rarely happens to Pete. It was Pedro's first post-left-the-opener-early game, and O'Nan guesses it was Francona exercising his will, showing him "who's boss." I don't see why that wouldn't be true, especially given his insistence later in the season on not doing the same thing, a tactic I totally support. Very interesting indeed. Looking forward to reading their take (Stephen King, of course, weighs in on a number of games) on July 7th (The Woman's first game at Fenway), July 24 (see the cover), and of course, the postseason.

The structure of the book is interesting- O'Nan's "musings" on each game in normal, King's in bold typeface. There is also the occasional email-exchange between the two on the Sox... always enlightening to read. Funny how comments made in the heat of the moment turn out to look either so foolish, or so prophetic.

King's classification of the love of the Red Sox as addiction is a beautifully written passage- no small feat for a subject that's been literarily masturbated over time and again. "That's what addiction is, after all," he writes, "doing something over and over and each time expecting something different to happen."

They picked the right season. Totally worth the read.


It happens every now and then for a movie I get really excited about- I get, uh, really excited to see it, then it finally premieres and... nothing. I just randomly lose interest. I have really no idea what this could be a result of. Maybe coming to my senses?

Ray, Alexander, Finding Neverland... all movies I was keenly interested in, and now ones I could certainly do without. It isn't reviews either- who listens to reviews, anyway? I just feel like I can live without a wonderful performance surrounded by another mediocre biopic (Ray), or a castrated "inner child" fable that whitewashes touchier subjects (Finding Neverland, and, supposedly, Alexander). Oh well. There are movies this won't be happening with... and here they are, chronologically by release date:

  • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (Dec. 10th)

  • The Sea Inside (Dec. 17th)

  • The Aviator (Dec. 17th)

  • The Assassination of Richard Nixon (Dec. 29th)

  • I'll probably see Meet the Fockers (Dec. 22) too, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna suck really, really bad- and I didn't mind the first one. Hotel Rwanda (Dec. 22) looks really great- but feels like another in the line of the aforementioned ambivalence phenomenon. No go on the Bobby Darin bio from Spacey. Kevin Spacey is so friggin dead to me. I cannot fucking stand that smug, marginally talented, Pay it Forward star (counts as an insult!)- and he manages to fool everyone into thinking he's some great actor too! Usual Suspects? Ok. Maybe even in Seven (for all of 10 minutes). Passable in LA Confidential even though I think he was miscast (he plays the playboy type way too... uh- faggy?).

    I can't imagine the thought process that rationalized his 45 year old hack self playing a 25 year old crooner. It sounds like a nice way to ruin your "pet project" (he directed too)- but oh, I read there's some "plot device" that makes it all OK. Who else is betting it's either totally pretentious, heavy handed, or totally ill advised? And now he's taking the Darin act on the road, too for concerts. That said, K-Pax was totally awesome, especially the part when he talked to the golden retriever. That was adorable. Whatever...

    Maybe I'll see the Merchant of Venice, cos I hear they're rejiggering the infamous Shylock character. I'd bet money I don't though. All that said, I've never been more excited for a movie than I am for The Life Aquatic. How long 'til that comes out on video? I'm serious.

    I love putting together an end-of-the-year list, and so far, for movies, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Incredibles are running away with it, with Anchorman, Collateral, Spiderman 2 and Sideways somewhere in the running. Seriously- fantastic movies. I can't imagine having more like, adrenaline-type head-dizzyish fun watching a movie than in watching The Incredibles.

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