14 November 2004

Vizquel to the San Francisco Giants...

SAN FRANCISCO -- Free agent shortstop Omar Vizquel has agreed to terms on a $12.25 million, three-year contract with the San Francisco Giants...

Remember when Brian Sabean was a great GM? The San Francisco Giants today signed Omar Vizquel to a THREE YEAR deal for 12.25 million dollars. Vizquel, an aging and declining player, will begin the season at the age of 38.

There's a reason Jeter slipped by with an AL GG this year- Vizquel has lost a few steps at SS. Add to that the fact that he's not much of a hitter and actually failed a physical last year in a trade that would have sent him to Seattle, this is a flat out bad signing based on years alone. One year stopgap for a rising minor leaguer? OK. Three year deal carrying him through age 40? Yikes. Four million isn't awful per-year, but is certainly too much. Vizquel, in SBC Park, will take an offensive hit, and is already a huge candidate for collapse. He's probably about the same level as Deivi Cruz, who they already signed this month for 800K.

One FA down, 206 to go.

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