14 November 2004


I'm just putting this here because I feel like David Ortiz is at a huge crossroads in his career, and it's little things like this you look back on before a guy blows up BIG. I'm not saying he's not already a household name after his Herculean 2004 postseason- but do you get the feeling that after the next couple of years in Boston, David Ortiz is going to go down as one of the great Red Sox of all time- as much for his popularity as his seemingly infinite contributions? Boston loves nothing more than a gregarious hard worker and on-field gangbuster- to say nothing of leaving piles of cash on the table to stay in a city he loves playing in.

Oki-no-Chichi is takin' it to a WHOLE 'nother level next year. You heard it here first (probably not).

David Ortiz (aka "Big," "Big Papi," "Papi," "Cookie Monster," "Oki-no-Chichi," "Shrek," "Mr. Walkoff," "Guy Smiley," "O-Man," "Doin' It For D'Angelo")

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