22 November 2004

Nationals Have Coming Out, Kapler to Japan...

The Washington Nationals revealed their new name and logo/ color scheme today, showing the new hats the team will wear along with their insignia. Seen below:

These are, respectively, the home and road caps. Additionally, the team will have an alternate cap that has an interlocking "DC" logo. I like, in the absence of naming the team "Senators," using the old Senators hats- the cursive "W" is really cool, and a welcome compromise. Still no uniform to reveal as of yet.

Here is the Official Site of the Washington Nationals, with Nick Johnson, Jose Vidro and Livan Hernandez the early cover boys. Here is a nice story, a "Meet the Nationals" position-by-position introduction.


The Boston Globe is reporting now that Gabe Kapler has signed a one-year 2 mil contract with the Yomiuri Giants today, marking the first loss of a member of the 2004 Boston Red Sox.

You'll be missed, Babe "Superjew" Kkkkkcccccchhhhhhapler.

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