09 November 2004

Halo vs. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


If you find yourself in a local gamestop and wonder whether to spend your money on a brand new XBOX or PS2, look no further to make your decision than the system's best games: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (ps2), and Halo (xbox).


Like the Bloods and the Cryps or hip hop's East Coast and West Coast, this age-old battle will be settled- here, and now. I shall compare these two games on the following categories:

  • Character(s)

  • Graphics

  • Originality

  • Sequel Hype

  • Frustration Level

  • Addictiveness

  • Characters

  • Halo
    Halo has "Sergeant" and your given user name. A war machine built to fight "The Covenant," an ultra-religious group of aliens attempting to take over the human race. The character is strong, a leader, and to The Convenant-- virtually unstoppable. Although a cool character, it often lacks exactly that: character. You only hear him talk on rare occasions and not that you need him to be a chatterbox, but some "BOOMshakalacka you alien bitches!" would be nice.

  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
    "Tommy Vercetti," a young and tough newcomer to the Vice City underground ready and willing to do whatever task at hand. Incredibly likable, a badass ladies man who doesn't take no for an answer. Never afraid to drop an F bomb if needed and nobody messes with him. Even has a sidekick- Lance Vance- even though we all know what happens to him. Some say a bit of a Scarface rip off, but I never saw that movie anyway.

  • Winner: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


  • Halo
    I can't say enough about the look and graphics of this game. The Halo creators could have taken this awesome gameplay and not even worried about the way it looked- but like all gamers know, looking good is half the battle. Between looking up and seeing the Halo planet edge itself to the ultra-cool look of the aliens running around to the sights and sounds of this game- all are absolutely impeccable. The neon alien blood, the camo aliens who you just don't see coming- it makes Halo quite possibly the coolest looking game that's ever been created.

  • GTA: Vice City
    Using VC as an example, it takes place in the "cool 80's" with a Miami setting (see Miami Vice for further examples). With the rolled up sport coats and the sleek cars Vice City is the place to be. With mind-boggling detail, the creators started the idea of a city where everything goes about it's business whether you kill, say, a prosty or not. GTA VC will always be the innovator of the "Independent city" in a video game.

  • Winner: HALO


  • Halo
    Many Halo fans (including myself) feel like this game is the best sci-fi game of all time for reasons well, we just can't put a finger on. You play and watch this game and it seems as explained it's just another shoot em' up alien type, but it's much more than that. It's more involved. Original may not be the best word to describe the game, but fun definitely is.

  • GTA: Vice City
    As said above, many feel this is Scarface having a lovechild with Miami Vice, and to this I say...

    "Yea, whateva."

    Although this game is the funnest game to ever hit the ps2 game console, orginality is not where the fun roots from this game. If you're playing it for a new, fresh outlook on pop culture, look elsewhere.

  • Winner: Draw


  • Halo
    Before I purchased an XBOX a friend of mine warned me- "Careful, Halo is like smoking cigarettes: you think you can stop whenever you want, but once you start it takes some serious self hrlp to get it out of your system." After purchasing Halo and laughing at the idea, those laughs soon turned to bloodshot eyes staring at a Halo screen for hours into the wee hours of the morning. If you plan on purchasing this game, free up your schedule because you will be playing the "I'll stop after this level" routine with yourself sooner than you think.

  • The Broseph back in '95 after getting though "Zelda"... Again.

  • GTA: Vice City
    As I write this post I think of the music that plays when you finish a mission in GTA, and you want more, and more, and more, and more... Grand Theft Auto puts a spell over you where you get the sense that 5 hours may as well be 5 minutes. The game's addictivness stems back to the extent that sometimes I hesitate picking up the controller after a certain hour in the night in fear that that night will soon be morning. Careful with GTA because, as opposed to HALO, you realize the madness you're giving into. With GTA, you never saw it coming.

  • Winner: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

    Frustration Level

  • Halo
    Frustration in Halo is very different than the frustration in GTA. With Halo, you occasionally get the feeling of "this isn't even fucking possible, I should just return the fucking game, I hate XBOX and my mother!" Soon enough it will pass and you realize what you said and you apologize to your Halo and the XBox for what you said. Nonetheless: it can scare you.

  • Lance Vance (GTA: VC) and Lt. Col. Jacob Keyes (Halo)

  • GTA: Vice City
    Frustration level in this game is very different, possibly in a good way. Frustration in this game may be better described as determination. You get the "fuck this, I'm gonna kill that son-of-a-bitch with a chainsaw whether he likes it or not." Very different than the Halo kind of frustration. In GTA, hope is never lost. Which may be unhealthy, but hell- I'm not driving.

  • Winner: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

    Finally, the category you have all been waiting for: which has the bigger, better sequel? Grand Theft Auto San Andreas or HALO 2?

    Sequel Hype

  • Halo 2
    I'm not even done with Halo and I'm tempted to just drop it and pick up Halo 2. Celebrities, musicians, comedians, local video game nerds, ALL of them are on the Halo 2 bandwagon. Even special suitcases with screen and XBOX loaded with Halo 2 were given out to 6 people in the world. That alone gives it pretty strong "hype" credentials (except for the fact Hoobastank is one of those 6 "people"). You've got morning shows talking about it, billboards, and of course, gaming nerds across the globe jizzin all over themselves for arguably the biggest release of anything since the Star Wars movies.

  • GTA: San Andreas
    Ehh. Some commercials and a lotta sales unfortunatly don't match up to the media hype which Halo 2 has received. Now, whether which game is better has yet to be decided by the Broseph, but wait for another "Notes from the Broseph" for that discussion soon.

  • Winner: Halo 2.

    A tight race, but with 3 wins and a draw, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the champion! Halo still deserves the recognition of- I don't know- the second greatest game of all time, but here, today, GTA: Vice City is the winner.

    This has been a Broseph production.

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