19 October 2004

Doin' It For D'Angelo...

I was trying to resist the urge to chronicle these post-season games NOW so as to have a game-by-game journal thing-y after all was said and done for the Boston nine.

But FUCK- David Ortiz! My God! They'll erect a statue of him in this city someday, I can feel it. This man is NAILS.


This past Thursday, Stew and I did our Tweed thing, attending a CMJ Polyvinyl Records showcase at Northsix in Brooklyn in order to interview the very cool Saturday Looks Good to Me. I'll have a link up to the article over at Tweed soon- I'm just about done transcribing it.

Fred, Scott, Steve, Scott, Elliott and Betty were a nice bunch, and were real troopers letting us interview them outside in the cold. The doorman at Northsix, Van Helsing, was also a gracious young man. Fred Thomas' band is really worth a listen- here's their Official Site, and their section of the Polyvinyl Records site.


This weekend, the Woman and I saw David O Russel's new film, I Huckabees. It was good- the movie was a real mouthful- a lot of big talk, but without the deathtrap of becoming "talky." The only "talky" movie I've ever seen that outright worked whas JFK. But I digress...

Mark Wahlberg was a fucking riot. Seriously, for real hilarious, and a performance just as great as his lead in Boogie Nights and Three Kings. He's been mediocre in a lot of shit these last few years, but he's back I suppose. Just like, shockingly funny.

And Jason Schwartzman is a great, great actor. For what it's worth, so are Jude Law, Naomi Watts, Lily Tomlin, and Dustin Hoffman (who didn't come off like a self important jerkoff in this movie- just funny). They do nothing to fight those reputations in this movie.

I Huckabees was good, but it was tough to get a hold on. I enjoyed it the less I invested in what I think Russell was driving at- the existential-screwball tone. Instead, to me, it became a real mischievous take on the American need to "define ouselves" and therapy ourselves. I'll usually take screwball over satire, but not in this case. The satire was more subtle and effective because I don't think it was ever on Russell's front burner.

For the record too, add Isabell Huppert to the "Hot Over the Hill Babes" list. That list includes Maureen Dowd as well. NOT Sophia Loren though. Sorry People Magazine! NOT still sexy at 500 years old!


The emails are FLOODING in requesting a new Notes from the Broseph. I was thinking of a "Top Ten Video Games" list from him, sort of to christen both the new GTA release and to cement his newfound love for Halo, but I'm not going to direct the verbal Hurricane that is... the Broseph. He'll take it where it gotta go.


Pitchfork is reporting that the White Stripes are readying a few live tracks, a single wrought from this recent shows in Blackpool, England at the Empress Ballroom. The single will be a live version of their jaw-dropping cover of Dolly Parton's "Jolene," only that's not what they're calling it- it'll be called "Jolene (Under the Blackpool Lights)." The b-side? That's right- "Black Math (Under the Blackpool Lights)." Of course, this is all in advance of the November 23rd release of the DVD of this show, called, er- Under the Blackpool Lights. Got that? Here's the tracklisting:

01 When I Hear My Name
02 Black Math
03 Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
04 I Think I Smell a Rat
05 Take a Whiff On Me
06 Astro
07 Outlaw Blues
08 Jack the Ripper
09 Jolene
10 Hotel Yorba
11 Death Letter
12 Do
13 Truth Doesn't Make a Noise
14 Big 3 Killed My Baby
15 Wasting My Time
16 You're Pretty Good Looking
17 Hello Operator
18 Apple Blossom
19 Ball and Biscuit
20 Now
21 The Hardest Button to Button
22 I Fought Piranhas
23 Let's Build a Home
24 Going Back to Memphis
25 Seven Nation Army

"Big 3 Killed My Baby"... nice.


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