19 October 2004

Bullshit Memorial- now being taught in American schools.

While talking to the Broseph last night, I was hit with some eerie information-

The Short Works of Bullshit Memorial are currently being taught in a junior-level high school creative writing class. Unreal.

Professor, this story... it's so... FASCINATING!

Apparently my brother was talking about how his brother writes, and passed the website (link on the right) collecting some of my stories on to his teacher. She went home, read them, had her world rocked, printed them, and is now teaching them. For real. In school. NOT as a deterrent. Pretty cool. Bullshit Memorial Stadium is now... canon?


Hey Gary Sheffield...

"They're a walking disaster. They act like they're tough, how they care so much about winning, but it's all a front. They're just a bunch of characters." -Gary "The Mouth" Sheffield

This from a guy who "mistakenly took steroids" at the behest of the evil, overly-hospitable Barry Bonds, and on at least one occasion openly admitted to tanking his play in order to get traded. They don't come any more dispicable than Gary Sheffield, folks. The only Major League baseball player I don't like just cos of the person he is. Asshole.

Oh yeah, and he's claiming the quote, cited in the Boston Herald, was "made up." Uh-uh. Here's a scan of the quote, from the Sporting News article by Bob Nightengale: Click here for article scan

"I don't want to play for this hairstyle anymore. I'm going to start intentionally making funny faces so it will trade me and my body."


The Office is back- well, sort of. On Thursday October 21st at 9PM on BBC America, The Office- one of the great sitcoms of all time- will have a two-hour special catching up on all the characters. Word on David Brent is, he's down on his luck. This is no Brady Bunch Reunion either- everybody returns to get us up to speed with their lives, including promotions, illegal aliens, and recording career flameouts. Should be unbelievable. I cannot wait.

"I'd do you from behind cos your face looks like aliens."


David Ortiz is now the first man in history to...

...have three game winning hits in his postseason career...
...have three game winning hits in one postseason...
...have two walkoff HRs in the same postseason...
...have two game winning hits on the SAME day in the postseason...

Big Papi's big Papi loves it. Here's a really great article from the Boston Globe about Mr. Ortiz, watching intently from his leather couch in the Dominican Republic.

Speaking of the Dominican Republic...



Narrowly edging out the Russians.

Seriously though, I love Dominicans. Not just because of the great Dominican troika of players on my favorite baseball team- I've worked with so many, and to the (wo)man, they are the nicest, funniest, most entertaining and upbeat people I've come across. You'll never meet a grumpy Dominican, except maybe Jose Mesa (ESPECIALLY if you're Omar Vizquel). Maybe that's racialist (haha), but it's fucking true. For me at least. And Madeline Medina is my personal favorite Dominican- that I've met.

I'll meet Manny Pedro or David someday though.


Got Ed Wood: Special Edition today, and Elliott Smith's from a basement on a hill, check back soon for some reviews and shit.

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