08 September 2004

Tweed InDEED.

Tweed Magazine, created, produced, written, designed and distributed by Bill Wallace and Stewart Smith have brought on a new staff writer. A grizzled, hard-boiled, hard-nosed, hard-core cool guy.

Me, motherfuckers.

Read Tweed, bro. It's good stuff. In fact, they were recently profiled in the Connecticut Post rather prominently, and have recently interviewed Rob Nansel of Saddle Creek Records.

The wait is over. The Nirvana boxed set is to be released- THIS NOVEMBER!. The details, according to Pitchfork, are somewhat sketchy at this point, but here's what's known:

  • 3 disc set

  • To be released November 23rd

  • No "Greatest Hits" bullshit here- honest-to-balls unreleased shit.

  • The contents have not been shared, but it MAY include rare DVD footage, over 50 unreleased (officially) demos and live recordings, and a surefire bevy of B-sides.

  • Good stuff. It's been a long time coming, too- I figure the first I heard of this long-rumored box set was back around '98 or even '97. Either way, it's been scheduled, litigated, rescheduled and flat out scrapped ad nauseam. That an official announcement and confirmations have been made means they, at least of this moment, intend to release it. BUT!... beware the whims of the Psycho Hose Beast...

    Just look at the picture, and remember- what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger. I think.

    In 1985, Manny and his three sisters moved to New York City, where his mom and dad had been living since 1983. The family was living in the upper west side of Manhattan, in Washington Heights, which was mainly populated by Dominican immigrants. Manny's first few days in New York were very difficult. He had no friends and didn't know where the baseball fields were. Within a couple of days, his dad took him to the field on 170th street and Amsterdam Ave., and that's all it took for Manny to get back into the baseball arena.

    This is from Manny Ramirez's bio at The Official Site of Manny Ramirez, "mannyramirez.com." I recently had occasion (as I'm currently working in the neighborhood) to wander over to this exact park. The baseball field in question is small, beaten down and well-worn- nothing out of the ordinary for a kid's park. That said, it was unbelievably cool to be at the humble beginnings of a future first-ballot Hall of Famer. I'll add pictures if I ever get around to taking any. Above is the "gateway" to a larger public recretion facility that is just north of the baseball field, called "Highbridge Play Center."

    Sigh. The Serena Williams Watch is over before it ever really began. After several egregious miscalls, Serena had the match taken from her, as Jennifer Capriati capitalized and moved on. What's going on in society, man, when tennis officials can't get shit straight and take their personal BS out on players? It's wrong, man. Fucking wrong. I smell conspiracy.

    Honestly though, this is why I love Serena unconditionally:

    "I think you've got to give credit to Jennifer. She had a good day umpire-wise. Usually she has bad days."

    At one point, Williams asked for a show of hands from the assembled reporters "so I don't feel alone in this battle." She also said that two WTA employees apologized to her for the poor quality of the umpiring.

    "I think I played like an idiot," Williams said. "I pretty much killed myself out there."

    She's a fucking piping-hot pistol. I love her.

    Living in New York, you begin to realize how wet the rain can make you if you have to walk any manner of distance in it. In the suburbs, it's house-to-car and then car-to-destination, short and often sprinted distances. Not in NYC. I got fucking soaked today, and I don't have much walk-time in my commute. It was pouring today though, like Noah's Ark. If it had been Noah's Ark for real, I feel I would have been selected to perpetuate the species.

    Ulysses is moving along nicely. I had to skip out yesterday because I was so tired I really couldn't even focus my eyes on any one thing. Much less a book that demands your utmost attention. Anyway, page 320/783. My copy took a bit of a beating in the rain, but certainly still ticking and being unbelievable.

    Let's get Huddy tonight, boys. This is all you, Pete. Bite him back for that 2 hit shutout he dropped on us (you) last year.

    REM- "Bittersweet Me"
    The Replacements- "Answering Machine"
    Richard and Linda Thompson- "Don't Renege on Our Love"
    Ween- "Stay Forever"
    White Stripes- "Hello Operator"
    Wu-Tang Clan- "Protect Ya Neck (Tha Jump Off)"
    X- "Los Angeles"
    Van Morrison- "Everyone"
    Urge Overkill- "Sister Havana"
    Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers- "Running Down a Dream"
    Television- "See No Evil"
    The Stooges- "Loose"
    Snoop Doggy Dogg- "Who Am I? (What's My Name)"
    Sebadoh- "Worst Thing"
    Rufus Wainwright- "The Tower of Learning"
    The Roots- "The Seed (2.0)"
    Rolling Stones- "Let It Bleed"*
    Rolling Stones- "Midnight Rambler"
    Rage Against the Machine- "Freedom"
    Radiohead- "Punch Up at a Wedding (No No No No No No No No)"
    Prince- "Cream"
    Nirvana- "The Man Who Sold the World"
    Neil Young- "Cortez the Killer"
    Modest Mouse- "Bury Me With It"
    Minutemen- "This Ain't No Picnic"
    Miles Davis- "Blue In Green"
    Melvins- "Oven"
    Melvins- "Raise a Paw"
    Melvins- "Let God Be Your Gardener"
    Little Richard- "Long Tall Sally"
    The Jesus Lizard- "Slave Ship"
    ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead- "Heart in the Hand of the Mat"

    *- I would like to state for the record that this song, "Let It Bleed," by the Rolling Stones, contains the lyrics "...and you can come all over me." No alternate meaning can relly be derived from context. Released in 1969.

    Also, I saw P-Diddy today. Still hate him.

    Finally- while organizing a group of timesheets at work, I noticed that one of my colleagues at Project Renewal in Washington Heights is named...

    Michael Hunt. You do the math.

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