28 September 2004

Sox Clinch Playoff Spot, Pedro's Pal, X-Men Legends...

This is Pedro Martinez's friend, Dominican actor (and smallest living man) Nelson de la Rosa. De la Rosa is 28 inches tall, has appeared in numerous films (including the infamous Island of Dr Moreau with Marlon Brando). He is currently the 2004 Boston Red Sox OFFICIAL good luck charm. Welcome to Boston, Nelson.

Pedro: "My friend is Nelson. His name is Nelson. He's 36 years old. He's from the Dominican Republic and very funny character, and very animated. Everybody's happy with him. He's our lucky charm now. Now a days. The guys are falling in love with him."

CBS-4's Dan Roche to Nelson: "How do you feel about being the lucky charm of the Boston Red Sox?

Nelson: "Se siente mejor"

DR to Pedro: "What'd he say?"

PM: "He say it feels better, to be the lucky charm."

DR: "How did you two meet?"

Nelson: Aki (after Pedro asked him in Spanish)

PR: "We met through Franklin's friend in Providence. Since then we became friends and I hang out with him now."

DR: "What would you like to say to Red Sox fans out there?" (Pedro translates in Spanish)

Nelson: "Bueno... estancia fuerte."

DR: "What'd he say?"

PM: "He went like that (made a muscle), it means he wants them to stay strong and actually keep rooting. That's pretty much what he meant."

DR to Nelson: "What would it mean to win a World Series, see Pedro especially win a World Series?"

PM (after listening to Nelson): "He wants us to continue to win more and more, and become champions."

DR: "Great(Nelson said word) Bueno."

Nelson: "Bueno"

WP- Bronson Arroyo (10-9)
LP- Jorge Sosa (4-7)
HR- J Damon (19), J Varitek (18), D McCarty (4), M Ramirez (43), M Cummings (2)

The 2004 Boston Red Sox clinched at least the AL Wild Card tonight. We're goin' back to the dance.

They had their fun... now they're ready to tear their playoff opponents limb from limb.

We caught a serious break tonight with Kazmir's ejection. He looked like Steve Carlton incarnate again, and after he plunked Millar (after plunking Manny), it was inevitable. It seemed like the umpires were trying to put a cap on it- it wasn't intentional (Millar's HBP), but you can't really blame them. And thank God.

So we're in. Damon has set a new career high in HR with 19 (in easily his career year), Manny launched an absolute BOMB off of Jorge Sosa in the 5th, and the Sox cruised after some early worries. Arroyo continued his road dominance, going 6 1/3 for the win, giving up only 2R.

Also, a big FUCK YOU to Michael Kay for this weekend. Embarassing. If he was my play-by-play guy- damn. I'd be embarassed. Astacio throws at Lofton- menace. Halsey throws at Roberts' HEAD- "earns the respect of his teammates." Embarassing.


X-men Legends is a great, great game. Everything that the recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fucked up, X-men improves upon- the ability to switch between characters, more range of movement, varied opponents, a discernible storyline- it's a very involved, exciting, fun game.

You start as Wolverine- you travel through a level fighting- all the while improving your fighting ability, and all the while gaining points on the impact of your fighting, your stamina, your healing, etc. I love games like this- as it progresses, you get better, you earn your success. The game gets harder, but you get better.

Eventually, you begin to unlock other characters- I'm not a huge X-men guy, so not all the characters ring a bell to me, but many do- Nightcrawler, Cyclops, The Beast, Iceman, Jean Grey, Rogue. There is the X-Mansion (is that right?), where you can go to train in the Danger Room and earn more performance points, etc. You can, in the middle of a mission, edit your "team" for a mission. You get 4 X-men to complete said mission- and from certain designated areas, you can easily switch, say, Wolverine for Jubilee (which you'd never do since Wolverine is easily the game's strongest player).

Really, really fun game- great looking too with easy gameplay, fun levels, fun storyline, perfect level of difficulty (so far). Good stuff. Very big in scope- one of those games you can't imagine finishing anytime soon.

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