21 September 2004

Pedro the Wheatie, Kay the Awful... Sox Win!

WP- Keith Foulke (4-3)
LP- BJ Ryan (3-6)
HR- J Lopez (20)

Michael Kay: "Bellhorn had a nice, clutch hit... with long hair. Bernie, Posada, Jeter- they'd NEVER do that."

C. Schilling
8.0 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 14 K

Schill deserved this win. He really did. And he had it- he had it TWICE, and Foulke had his 31st save TWICE... two excellent inside pitches with two strikes to Javy Lopez- one a changeup, one a fastball- both called balls, both VERY surely should have been strikes. The next pitch- a 2R HR to put Baltimore up in the top of the ninth 2-1. We'd gotten our run, we'd had our performance of the year from our pitcher- and the ump nearly took it away from us.

Mark Bellhorn.

Game winning 2B with 2 outs off the Oriole closer, Jorge Julio. All looked lost. All was not lost. Game. Earflaps is nails.


Now, when I think of this weekend's series, I think of this, as it's the only thing that makes me happy...

We'll get 'em this weekend.


Michael Kay is a FUCKING joke. A bitter (for reasons unknown), loudmouthed, lowest-common-denominator joke who does what he does on the air- and thankfully it does not go unnoticed. I know many Yankee fans that loathe the man, and certainly know every single Red Sox fan hates him. I sound like a broken record- he's awful, you get it. So I'll cut to another example why.

See Terry Francona there? He did something yesterday that just shocked me to no end," Kay said. "The Yankees were leading 9-0 in the third inning and he actually did a live interview with the announcers from Fox during the inning when they were down 9-0.

"I couldn't picture Joe Torre in a million years doing that," a haughty-toned Kay said. "I couldn't picture any manager doing it. ... Managers are 'encouraged' to do it (the interview). I don't think you could encourage Joe Torre to do that."

That is from Bob Raissman's article, Kay's Rant Predictable in yesterday's NY Post. Michael Kay DID say this, and the obvious logic vacation that Kay engages in yet again notwithstanding, it is more propogandizing on Kay's behalf- more than even he is used to doling out. One day it's how badly Sheffield's shoulder hurts (we get it. It hurts. He's a tough guy. Every at bat though?), and now it's Torre's impeccable track record regarding... never giving in-game interviews.


I fail to see what's so unseemly about it. I fail to see the weakness/ inappropriate nature of doing what Francona did- be self deprecating for a minute and a half honoring a commitment on television. As Raissman adds,

Dan Bell, Fox Sports VP/communications, explained that managers are asked, before a game, by both Fox and representatives of the commissioner's office to do a live in-game interview. It is not a requirement. Prior to Saturday's game, Francona was asked and agreed.

"Looking at this situation objectively, it's amusing someone is being criticized for honoring a commitment," Bell said. "Terry Francona, and the Red Sox, have been very cooperative this season. We appreciate their efforts."

The key word here is "objectively." Kay's critique of Francona fits a pattern. Remember, the Red Sox also have drawn Kay's wrath over other critical issues - like the length of Johnny Damon's hair/beard and the way Manny Ramirez wears his uniform.

Francona's Fox interview lasted a grand total of 1 minute, 22 seconds. Francona gave an injury update on Derek Lowe and said, considering the score, the priority was not burning out his bullpen. Francona also said: "The only thing I know right now is that we are killing your (Fox) ratings."

Yes, Francona was funny on Saturday. And he kept his promise, too. For this, the TV play-by-play voice of the Yankees rips him (yesterday on his ESPN-1050 show Kay again took Francona to task).

No one should be surprised.

Just another Al-Yankzeera moment.

The Yankees have justly had a very great history of excellence in broadcasting- Mel Allen, Phil Rizzuto- even John Sterling and Bobby Murcer. Why does Michael Kay have the job? So if a local boy who loves the team works hard enough, he'll get the job despite being bullheaded, close minded, ignorant, and harking back to the days of Joseph Goebbels? All that's OK if you have a nice story?

How does this guy have a job? Is it really THAT important to YES that their announcers attempt to make the Red Sox look bad at the expense of a good broadcast? I love how uncomfortable Kaat, Singleton, Murcer and Girardi (the good ones) get when Kay gets all puffy chested about how bad the Red Sox haircuts and professionalism are. They sound embarassed, and they should be.

It's too bad, too. YES has a lot of value outside the game broadcasts, but Kay single-handedly amplifies everythig wrong with the Yankee aesthetic and makes it a bad broadcast. Not average, not simply OK- bad. As someone who watches copious amounts of baseball and can report on the quality of baseball broadcasters across the game- I can say there are guys as bad as Kay (Thom Brennaman, Josh Lewin, Rex Hudler, Mark Grace, Fran Healey) but NO ONE is worse, and no one is as self-obsessively arrogant.

This makes me want to write a post about the greats (Remy, Orsillo, Sutton, Caray, Seaver, Singleton, Palmer, van Wieren, Simpson) working today. I think I'll do that.


Pedro Martinez is the first Boston Red Sox since Ted Williams to appear on the face of the Wheaties box. The boxes will be available nationally next week (not just regionally), and Pedro was honored at Fenway Park before September 21st's game against the Orioles. The box is to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month, and features Pedro in a road uniform pitching on the front. Red Sox.com reports:

The Dominican-born Martinez pulled a cord, unfurling a 30-foot banner depicting the box cover in front of the Green Monster in a pregame ceremony.

"The small man gets the big box," the 5-foot-11, 180-pound Martinez said.

The cover shows Martinez in his gray Red Sox uniform in mid-delivery, viewed as one would see him from the first-base side of the field, while the back of the box features a "Training with Pedro" section explaining how Martinez prepares for the season. Martinez also appears on one side of the box displaying his trademark fist pump as he looks to the sky.

Pedro, ever the humble superstar did say though, upon considering he'd be seeing himself while eating breakfast in the morning, "I might not feel the same appetite."

The man.


Manny Ramirez- great dancer.

If you love Manny... and I know you do... click here. Trust your friends at Bullshit Memorial.



Even though
he stabbed me in the back- nice to see Boggs-y go into the Red Sox Hall of Fame. Crier. Kidding. I don't mean that. A great hitter, a great 3B, and like Roger Clemens- will be (SHOULD be) wearing a "B" on their head in Cooperstown. Now go eat some chicken, Wade. Margo says hi.

Sorry. He was great. I'm done.

ABBA- "S.O.S."
AC/DC- "Hells Bells"
AC/DC- "Back in Black"
The Amps- "Mom's Drunk"
The Beatles- "Her Majesty"
The Beatles- "For You Blue"
The Beatles- "Your Mother Should Know"
Billie Holliday- "Strange Fruit"
Bob Dylan- "Tangled Up In Blue"
Cat Power- "He War"
Cat Power- "Shaking Paper"
Desaparecidos- "Mall of America"
DJ Danger Mouse- "Change Clothes"
Elliott Smith- "Rose Parade"
Elton John- "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"
The Faces- "Ooh La La"
Interpol- "Say Hello to Angels"
Interpol- "Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down"
Jesus Lizard- "The Art of Self-Defense"
Nirvana- "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter"
Aimee Mann- "Save Me"
The Breeders- "Divine Hammer"
Death Cab for Cutie- "Death of an Interior Decorator"
Dinosaur Jr- "Raisans"
The Faint- "Cars Pass in Cold Blood"
The Fang- "The Money Will Roll Right In"
Jesus Lizard- "Whirl"
Jimi Hendrix Experience- "Ain't No Telling"
Led Zeppelin- "The Rain Song"
Mclusky- "Icarus Smicarus"
Public Enemy- "Meet the G That Killed Me"
REM- "Pretty Persuasion"
REM- "Orange Crush"
Radiohead- "No Surprises"
Ryan Adams- "Nobody Girl"
The Simpsons Soundtrack- "Flaming Moe's"
The Simpsons Soundtrack- "A Fish Called Selma (Medley, incl. 'Dr. Zaius')"
Tenacious D- "Friendship Test"
Tenacious D- "Friendship"

...check back tomorrow, I'll throw my .02 cents on the new Star Wars Trilogy DVD.

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