02 September 2004

"Have You Gone Mental?"

Picture blatantly stolen from the The Globe. But anyway- I'm giddy. The Sox have never played this well in my lifetime. They're looking at a 4.5 G lead in the Wild Card and are within hailing distance at 3.5 against the Yankees. What a fun time it is to be a Sox fan.

WP- Derek Lowe (13-10)
LP- Bartolo Colon (13-11)
SV- Keith Foulke (26)
HR- B Mueller (10)

I wasn't big on The Trade at first, too- but I am really appreciating Orlando Cabrera (we're callin' him Tony) and I full-bore LOVE Doug Mientkiewicz (Brodder- per the Woman- her finest nickname creation, aside from yelling "Do it for D'Angelo!" when Big Papi hits, referencing his newest child). I'm joining that party that The Broseph had started years ago.

I get allergies REALLY bad at times. So bad it's like a fucking running faucet of phlegm in my nose- liquidy, water-like phlegm. It causes me to sneeze, eyes to swell up, and swallow lots of phlegm. I've actuall gotten heartburn from drinking so much snot. I'm serious.

But this Advil shit is awesome- really works. I've jumped so hard onto that bandwagon I damn near fuckin' tipped it over. Thank YOU, Advil Allergy Sinus.

"It's hip to be PLAYLIST!

The Amps- "Full on Idle"
Bad Brains- "I"
The Beatles- "Can't Buy Me Love"
The Beatles- "Help!"
The Beatles- "I've Got a Feeling"
The Beatles- "Yes It Is"
The Beatles- "Tomorrow Never Knows"
The Beatles- "I'm Looking Through You"
The Beatles- "With a Little Help From My Friends"
The Beatles- "Mother Nature's Son"
The Beatles- "Long, Long, Long"
Blondie- "Atomic"
Bo Diddley- "Hey Bo Diddley"
The Breeders- "Opened"
Curtis Mayfield- "Freddie's Dead"
Elliott Smith- "Bottle Up and Explode!"
Elvis Costello- "Alison"
Elvis Costello- "Blame It on Cain"

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