12 September 2004

BOS 9, SEA 0

WP- Bronson Arroyo (9-9)
LP- Jamie Moyer (6-11)
HR- M Bellhorn (16), M Ramirez (41)

I didn't get to watch this one but on tape, but it's another solid road victory for us behind our corn-rowed road warrior Bronson Arroyo (#2 ERA on the road in AL). Manny looks like he's heating up, and Mark Bellhorn makes further case for being the best bargain in major league baseball and the best 2B in the AL this year.

We were out to a bar for the Woman's birthday surprise- good times. The bad times part was the fact that this bar, Mad River, was fucking fascist and wouldn't let me wear my hat. I even put it on a couple times in the bar, and within moments some gigantic bouncer was up on me tellin' me it had to go. AND they didn't play our Public Enemy request. Can't say I blame them on that, though.

The best part of last night and reason number 5,438 that I love NYC was coming home from the bar, laying out in front of an apartment building (ie, "I want this taken away for the trash") was a perfectly good office chair not unlike the one shown above. Clean, with all it's parts and perfect size for our apartment to replace the folding wedding-reception type chair we were working with. And, it was totally free. Awesome.

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