11 September 2004

BOS 13, SEA 2

BOS 13
WP- Curt Schilling (19-6)
LP- Ryan Franklin (3-15)
HR- M Ramirez 2 (39, 40) GS; D Ortiz (37); B Boone (22)

While seeing Schilling dominate and Manny grand slam-inate, easily the best thing about this game was seeing Scott Williamson come on in the 9th and throw all his pitches hard, effectively, for strikes, and missing bats. For a guy that had an appointment for his second Tommy John surgery scheduled, this is great news. Simply put, he was the best reliever in baseball when he went on the DL, and if he regains even a fraction of that, he can be an extremely effective arm in the bullpen, and best-case, one of the best setup men in the league.

This was a game we should have dominated, and we did- this is what great teams do. Much is made of one run games, and conventional wisdom states that great teams pull these games off. There is some truth to this; great teams DO find ways to win in close and late situations.

But when you think about it, great teams win a lot of blowouts, and the games they DO lose would more likely (for a great team) by one run games- ie, they're always in a game. My guess is the perfect team would ostensibly have a losing record in one-run games- a lot of wins blowing by people, and the wons that get away... just get away.

Well, with the season winding down, I figured it would be fun to break down my picks for the major awards, and compare them to the actual results later and what I would pick a month from now. Here we go...

  1. Johan Santana, Minn

  2. Curt Schilling, Bos

  3. Pedro Martinez, Bos

  4. Mark Mulder, Oak

  5. Brad Radke, Minn

  1. Randy Johnson, Ari

  2. Jason Schmidt, SF

  3. Carl Pavano, Fla

  4. Carlos Zambrano, ChC

  5. Ben Sheets, Mil

  1. Barry Bonds, SF

  2. Adrian Beltre, LA

  3. Scott Rolen, StL

  4. Jim Edmonds, StL

  5. Albert Pujols, StL

  6. JD Drew, Atl

  7. Lance Berkman, Hou

  8. Bobby Abreu, Phi

  9. Mark Loretta, SDP

  10. Aramis Ramirez, ChC

  1. Manny Ramirez, Bos

  2. Melvin Mora, Bal

  3. Gary Sheffield, NYY

  4. Vladimir Guerrero, Ana

  5. David Ortiz, Bos

  6. Johan Santana, Minn

  7. Jason Varitek, Bos

  8. Travis Hafner, Cle

  9. Carlos Guillen, Det

  10. Ivan Rodriguez, Det

AL Rookie of the Year
  1. Lew Ford, Minn

  2. Bobby Crosby, Oak

NL Rookie of the Year
  1. Jason Bay, Pit

  2. Khalil Greene, SD

AL Manager of the Year
  1. Buck Showalter, Tex

  2. Ron Gardenhire, Min

NL Manager of the Year
  1. Bobby Cox, Atl

  2. Tony LaRussa, StL

AL Gold Gloves
  • 1B- Darin Erstad, Ana

  • 2B- Orlando Hudson, Tor

  • 3B- Eric Chavez, Oak

  • SS- Omar Vizquel, Cle

  • OF- Torii Hunter, Minn

  • OF- Ichiro Suzuki, Sea

  • OF- Mark Kotsay, Oak

  • P- Tim Wakefield, Bos

  • C- Bengie Molina, Ana

  • NL Gold Gloves
  • 1B- Derrek Lee, ChC

  • 2B- Alex Cora, LA

  • 3B- Scott Rolen, StL

  • SS- Alex Gonzalez, Fla

  • OF- Mike Cameron, NYM

  • OF- Jim Edmonds, StL

  • OF- Andruw Jones, Atl

  • P- Greg Maddux, ChC

  • C- Mike Matheny, StL

  • AL Silver Slugger
  • 1B- Mark Teixeira, Tex

  • 2B- Mark Bellhorn, Bos

  • 3B- Melvin Mora, Bal

  • SS- Carlos Guillen, Det

  • OF- Manny Ramirez, Bos

  • OF- Vladimir Guerrero, Ana

  • OF- Gary Sheffield, NYY

  • C- Jason Varitek, Bos

  • DH- David Ortiz, Bos

  • NL Silver Slugger
  • 1B- Albert Pujols, StL

  • 2B- Mark Loretta, SDP

  • 3B- Scott Rolen, StL

  • SS- Jack Wilson, Pit

  • OF- Barry Bonds, SF

  • OF- Jim Edmonds, StL

  • OF- Lance Berkman, Hou

  • C- Johnny Estrada, Atl

  • P- Mike Hampton, Atl

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    I'm going to be doing a nice hefty profile on my favorite Negro League player of all time, Bullet Rogan. The best curve in the history of the Negro Leagues, and one of it's great overall players.

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