17 August 2004

Scorsese Box Set Arrives...

Pedro is pitching tonight against the offensively inept Toronto Blue Jays, and so since I didn't before I figured I'd take a chance to recognize his accomplishments last week against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

10Ks, his 70th 10+ strikeout game in a Red Sox uniform which set a new team record. It was his 40th career complete game shutout, and he used 109 pitches to do it. In his last 3 starts, Pedro has gone 2-0 in 23.0 IP, 32 K, 3 BB, 3 ER, 18 H, 0 HR. Somewhere Pedro said something to the effect that he was told with recovery, three years after his shoulder injury would be when he returns to full strength.

He also said, and I'm paraphrasing, that with regards to the fans cheering him on to the CG, "I know the fans are behind me, and they keep me going. I want to hear that for years to come."


Today, I pulled down something a long time coming- Martin Scorsese DVDs with some thought and care put into them. With the exception of the great Criterion The Last Temptation of Christ disc, all of Scorsese's significant films are either out of print on DVD (Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Raging Bull, After Hours, Who's That Knocking At My Door?), stone aged (Goodfellas' flip-disc version) or too basic to do the great films justice (King of Comedy, Gangs of New York, Mean Streets). So now, the good people at Warner have helped remedy this in part. To wit:

-Commentary by director Martin Scorsese with cast and crew
-Commentary by ex-gangster Henry Hill and ex-FBI agent Edward McDonald
-New digital sound and picture
-"Getting Made" making-of featurette
-"Made Men" other filmmakers on the influence of GoodFellas
-"The Workaday Gangster" mod life featurette
-"Paper in Cheaper Than Film" storyboard comparision

-Commentary by director Martin Scorsese, actors Ellen Burstyn and Kris Kristofferson
-Making-of featurette "Second Chances"

-Commentary by director Martin Scorsese, actor Griffin Dunne, producer Amy Robinson, cinematographer Michael Ballhaus and Edtior Thelma Schoonmaker
-Deleted scenes
-Making-of documentary

-Commentary by director Martin Scorsese and Directorial Assitant Mardick Martin
-"From the Classroom to the Streets" featurette

-Commentary by director Martin Scorsese
-Theatrical trailer(s)
-All-new digital transfer
-Vintage featurette: "Back on the Block"

A good little set of extras. I originally planned only to get Goodfellas and Mean Streets, but for the price of both of these (~$40.00), I coulf get the box set, ostensibly with 3 more DVDs for free. Who's gonna pass that up? Not I, friends... not I.

El Playlisto...

Camper van Beethoven- "Take the Skinheads Bowling"
The Vines- "Get Free"
Liz Phair- "Why Can't I?"
Pearl Jam- "Even Flow"
The Beatles- "Junk"
Built to Spill- "Reasons"
Elton John- "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"
The Faint- "Call Call"
Fantomas- "Cape Fear"
Foo Fighters- "Up In Arms"
John Lennon- "Jealous Guy"
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion- "Bellbottoms"
Lauryn Hill- "Ex Factor"
Mclusky- "That Man Will Not Hang"
Melvins- "At a Crawl"
Mudhoney- "Hate the Police"
Neil Young and Crazy Horse- "Powderfinger"
Otis Redding- "I've Been Loving You Too Long"

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