23 August 2004

Little This, Little That...

Lando- "Pssh, don't even come at me like 'dat Manny. I ain't playin' girl. Back off."
Baby Bull- "Uh huh, yea, you passin' the buck. Whatevah."

Conversation had on my first day on a temp job described to me as a "men's shelter."

BOSS- "So you'll just work here at the phones, organizing these forms, all that sort of thing. Since the men here are all mentally ill- you knew that, right?"

long pause

ME- "Uhhhh........ yes?

Nice. So I sat, answered phones, and listened to crazy dudes practice acoustic renditions of "Livin' La Vida Loca" and "Be My Baby" for their upcoming talent show.

I'm not kidding.

Regarding the Sox- let's peep the schedule super quick and see what the rest of the year holds:

3 @ TOR
4 vs. DET
3 vs. ANA
3 vs. TEX
3 @ OAK
3 @ SEA
3 vs. TDR
3 @ NYY
4 vs. BAL
3 vs. NYY
3 @ TBR

20 games against below .500 teams, 15 against our playoff competition. Let's first assume that the team's current "roll" will carry them, at the very least, through the upcoming stretch against Toronto and Detroit. Of those 7 games, we can easily win 2 on the road and 3 at home, conservatively. This would push the team's record to 75-54.

The next stretch is arguably the make-or-break stretch for our playoff hopes. 9 games, 3 on the road, against our Wild Card competition in the West. It's foolish to hazard a guess on record for these 9 games as any number of things can twist and turn a team in different directions. This much is true though- of the 6 at home against Texas and Anaheim, 5 wins would be perfect, 4 ideal and 3 simply not good enough. We match up extremely favorably with Texas (a team I still believe is far inferior to the other's it's running with)- but less so with Anaheim. If we can take a strong 2 out of three at home against the Angels, we may be on our way. Oakland on the road, of course, won't be easy. I've not checked how the rotation sets up, but we'll obviously need great pitching in that series. Last time around, we missed Mulder, Hudson was injured, and Zito was seriously slumping- we pounded the A's. It'd be nice to do it again.

The Sox have now cut the AL East deficit to 5.5 games, and with 6 weeks and 6 games against the Yankees remaining (3/3), it would a be a terrific story if this team could surge late. That being said, it should hardly be a concern at this point. I just want a spot at the dance, of course. Given our schedule, talent and current roll, I'd still be surprised to see this team eliminated. Oakland should win the West, Texas isn't as good as either Boston or Anaheim, and the Red Sox have fewer high hurdles the rest of the season. I see the AL playoff field this season being identical to last year's.

This is a weird story- Jane Pauley got bipolar disorder from taking medication for hives. That is SHITTY luck. Just shit-awful. Apparently she's OK now- taking Lithium- and is still married to Gary Trudeau, the guy who does Doonesbury. It's shit like this that makes people paranoid about modern medicine. At least I think people are paranoid about modern medicine- right?

I DO NOT want the Olympics in NYC in 2012. Absolutely, 100% NO WAY.
But Bullshit Memorial, if we're too worried about terrorism and stop something like this great opportunity from happening, haven't the terrorists won?
Yea, and if you don't step into the road to avoid being fucking slammed by a bus, oncoming traffic has won too, right? Who the fuck cares? Are you running up to a bully's lunch table and flashing your milk money in his face and telling him there's no way he's gonna get to it? Of course not. It's fucking stupid, irresponsible, and clearly a ploy at assloads of money. Terrific. I'm moving if it happens.

Apparently, his spunk cures Lou Gehrig's Disease, too.

Finally, I cannot WAIT to read the Bill O'Reilly article from this month's Rolling Stone. I also can't wait to tune in some night in the future to witness his smug dismissal of the hippie magazine and the burnt out journalist who wrote it. He'd be right, too, but so will be the article. Miserable sack of dogshit.

Ich bin ein PLAYLIST...

The Strokes- "The End Has No End"
Talking Heads- "Artists Only"
Wilson Pickett- "In the Midnight Hour"
Wu-Tang Clan- "Triumph" (f/ Cappadonna)
The Hives- "Walk Idiot Walk"
Justin Timberlake- "Cry Me a River"
Beastie Boys- "Root Down"
The Beatles- "I'm Looking Through You"
The Beatles- "Long, Long, Long"
Beck- "The Golden Age"
Bob Dylan- "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue"
Elliott Smith- "Between the Bars"
Elvis Costello- "Welcome to the Working Week"
Iggy & the Stooges- "Gimme Danger"
Jane's Addiction- "Mountain Song"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- "Pin"
The White Stripes- "Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine"
Velvet Underground- "Head Held High"
Van Halen- "Hot For Teacher"
Urge Overkill- "Positive Bleeding"
Tool- "Schism"
Tenacious D- "Karate"
Stevie Wonder- "Higher Ground"
Soundgarden- "Mailman"
Son House- "John the Revelator"
Sleater-Kinney- "Oh!"
The Shins- "Pink Bullets"
Rufus Wainwright- "Grey Gardens"
Rolling Stones- "Dead Flowers"
Rage Against the Machine- "Born as Ghosts"
Radiohead- "No Surprises"
REM- "I Believe"
Queens of the Stone Age- "Another Love Song"
Queens of the Stone Age- "First It Giveth"
Queen- "Seven Seas of Rhye"
Pixies- "Planet of Sound"
Pixies- "I Bleed"
Peter Gabriel- "Big Time"
Paul Simon- "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover"
OutKast- "Return of tha 'G'"
Nirvana- "You Know You're Right"
Nirvana- "Curmudgeon"
Michael Jackson- "Leave Me Alone"
Metallica- "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"
Melvins- "GGIIBBYY"
Mclusky- "Your Children Are Waiting For You To Die"
Madonna- "What It Feels Like For a Girl"
Lucinda Williams- "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road"
Led Zeppelin- "The Wanton Song"*
Kings of Leon- "Genius"
Johnny Cash- "Cocaine Blues"
John Lennon- "I Found Out"
Jimi Hendrix- "Them Changes"
The Beatles- "Happiness is a Warm Gun"

*- Something always nagged at me when I listen to songs from Physical Graffiti. In Stephen Davis's Hammer of the Gods, he refers to the album, in more than one spot as- and I'm paraphrasing- "the heaviest record ever made." Though it can be, in spots, very heavy ("Kashmir," "In My Time of Dying," "Sick Again")- it is what every other Zeppelin record is- reasonably eclectic, great instrumentation and more than a little Dungeons and Dragons bombast. If I had heard the record before I read the assertion, I'd probably have dismissed it out of hand. It's just that I read that early into my Zep-discovery, went and got the album, and was disappointed in that regard. I thought it'd be a "dark" record. After all this time, it has emerged as probably my favorite Zeppelin record. Stephen "sharkpoon" Davis nearly ruined it for me.

And just for fun- the Physical Graffiti building is on St Marks Place between 1st Ave and Avenue A. It was also the building Mick Jagger sits in front of in the "Waiting on a Friend" video.

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