16 August 2004

I know, I know, I was gone and it sucked...

This weekend is a really long story. Anyway, here's the important parts- first, PF Chang's in Boston. Me, the Broseph, my sister and mom went for dinner there Saturday night and it was fucking diesel. I got the pan-fried pork dumplings to start and sweet and sour chicken for my dinner. Considering we had been subjected to complete ass Chinese food via delivery in a hotel not two nights before, Changer's seemed that much better in comparison. The inside of the place was a little goofy and trendy, but as soon as I started, I could have given a fuck. Best Chinese I ever had.

Me and the Broseph earlier Saturday actually headed over to Fenway for a tour- an abbreviated one, unfortunately (because we got there too close to start time- still paid full price though) but a good time nonetheless. We saw a ton of players too, as our tour started right around when Red Sox were showing up for warmups, etc. First was Derek Lowe. We tracked his car coming off Boylston onto Yawkey way. Mr. Goofball was wearing a backwards visor, an ugly polo shirt, dark black shorts and a nice pair of dress shoes. Either he was golfing, or he's a bigger tool than I originally thought.

Next we saw Jason Varitek (well Doug Mirabelli, too) as it was family day at Fenway for the players, and he was ushering his kids and wife back to the car- in full uniform- before getting back to the clubhouse. He had his two young daughters in dresses that closely resembled Sox uniforms (complete with "33"s and "Varitek"s on their backs) wrapping their arms around each of his gargantuan legs as the crowd yelled out to him. Pretty cool.

During the tour we saw an encouraging sign on the Red Sox infield- injured Mark Bellhorn and Pokey Reese were taking ground balls from Dale Sveum. Hopefully, they'll return soon- they both looked to be moving with ease. After the tour, walking back down Yawkey Way towards Boylston St., we noticed Jim Rice driving toward the player lot. We waited, and saw him get out. Next, we saw a big SUV type car coming down, and I thought the player in the frontseat looked really familiar. The Broseph wanted to get going, but I said, "Fuck it, let's just see who it is." I could see SOMEONE was behind the tinted glass in the back seat. The door opened. A little hand pushed the door open, and a velour tracksuit climbed out of the car. Then he turned and waved to the fans...

It was Pete. WOW.

Here's the playlist, for the most part-

Sleater Kinney- "Step Aside"
Tenacious D- "Tribute"
The Strokes- "What Ever Happened?"
Queen & David Bowie- "Under Pressure"
Red Hot Chili Peppers- "My Lovely Man"
Nirvana- "Big Long Now"
Night Ranger- "Sister Christian"
Madonna- "Like a Prayer"
Led Zeppelin- "Night Flight"
The Breeders- "Lime House"
Elliott Smith- "Wouldn't Mama Be Proud"
Beck- "Milk & Honey"
At the Drive-In- "Invalid Letter Dept."
Metallica- "Blackened"
Queens of the Stone Age- "You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar But I Feel Like a Millionare"
Nico- "These Days"
Missy Elliot- "Gossip Folks" (f/ Ludacris)
Ween- "Flutes of Chi"
Van Halen- "Unchained"
Turtles- "So Happy Together"
Outkast- "Bust" (f/ Killer Mike)
Fang- "The Money Will Roll Right In"
Stevie Wonder- "Love's In Need of Love Today"
REM- "Harborcoat"
Nirvana- "Moist Vagina"
Pixies- "Caribou"
Paul Simon- "Kodachrome"
Melvins- "Honey Bucket"
Bad Brains- "Banned in DC"
Queen- "I Want to Break Free"
Iggy & the Stooges- "Shake Appeal"

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