26 July 2004

This Weekend For "Bullshit Memorial"...

Since none of you want to hear about camping...

Friday's loss to the Yankees, 8-7, sucked. Millar, after opening up his stance, caught fire hitting 3 HR, one a 2R job to tie the game- and Foulke spit the bit again in the 9th, surrendering a double by Sheffield and a single to ARod. Rivera breezed through the ninth.

So there we sat, listening to the radio on some completely obnoxious camping trip, hearing Ruben Sierra hit a solo HR to extend the Yankee lead to 10-8 going into the bottom of the ninth. The bro wanted to take a shit. I was looking to take a shower. I said, "let's just hear what happens."

M Rivera relieved S Proctor
-N Garciaparra doubled to left center.
-T Nixon flied out to deep right, N Garciaparra to third.
-K Millar singled to right center, N Garciaparra scored.
-D McCarty ran for Millar.
-B Mueller homered to deep right, D McCarty, B Mueller scored.

It was exhilirating- especially off Rivera. We spent the time leading up to Nomar's lead-off AB talking about how Rivera was the easy Cy Young choice up until now in the AL. When Trot NEARLY got it out- we were deflated. And then... Little Billy Mueller off the mighty Rivera. Game, 11-10. We high fived, nodded the heads... and walked off for our shit/ shower. Good times. AND- I dominated in ping pong. I did not lose.

I now know what it feels like to own another man...at ping pong...

Also, regarding the fight- it was a gas to watch. I'll say that. As for any other significant meaning- hopefully it brought the Sox together. Anything else is ridiculous- it was a fight, and that's that. Nothing more.

Damon with a crucial 3R HR off Contreras...

So tonight, Sunday, I feared the worst- that our full head of steam would be met with a jittery Derek Lowe and a softball game we could very easily lose. Not so- despite his defense's best efforts to eff it up, Lowe was brilliant, surrendering 2ER (both of which were not in any way, shape or form his fault) and keeping the Red Sox in a game it turns out wouldn't have been too tough to "keep them in." Let's just put it this way- The Red Sox own Jose Contreras like Bullshit Memorial own's the brother in ping pong. It's getting almost comical. Red Sox win, 9-6, and Foulke looked nasty.

It is totally impossible to ignore now what Lance Armstrong has done. It's amazing, inspiring, and damned impressive. 8 years ago, he was given a 15% chance to live after cancer ate away at his body and was claiming it as another number in another anonymous statistic. For the last six years, Lance Armstrong has placed himself among the greatest athletes of all time. His sixth consecutive victory, his most dominating, places him high in the firmament of modern human athletes. Few can come close.

It's amazing as well to know the man takes specialty in the HILL STAGES. His advantage happens to be everyone else's disadvantage, and to watch this unfurl for a sixth year in a row is a very moving sight. I'm not one for such sentimental and "inspiring" stories- but if Lance Armstrong doesn't make a person stop and shake their heads in respect, then nothing can. An unbelievable achievement.

Finally, cheers for Dennis Eckersley and Paul Molitor, Baseball Hall of Fame's two newest members, guys that not only wholly deserved it, and not only overcame personal struggles (alcohol and cocaine, respectively), but are helping redefine election precedents for the Hall of Fame. Eck, the only reliever, along with Hoyt Wilhelm and Rollie Fingers, in the Hall- and Molitor the ONLY player with the majority of his ABs as a DH to enter the Hall of Fame. Who does this bode well for? People like Edgar Martinez, Trevor Hoffman, Eric Gagne, Mariano Rivera, and John Smoltz.

PS- things not looking good for Trot. A trade for an OF may be a great idea right about now...

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