15 July 2004

This Just In...

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will more than likely not only change my life- but your's as well.

I recently picked up a cop of "PSM" magazine, a periodical dedicated to PlayStation2, as it's cover story was an exclusive look at the new game. Here are a few starters to enjoy:

  • You are Calvin Johnson, "CJ." The game is set in a state containing versions of Los Angeles (Los Santos), San Francisco (San Fierro) and Las Vegas (Las Venturra).

  • It is set in Boyz in the Hood/"The Chronic" era Cali.

  • You can now...
  • Eat at restaurants and get fat- in fact, every so often the character has to eat, or else he gets weak.

  • Get a haircut

  • Work out at the gym, get buff

  • Ride a bike

  • Wide array of outfits

  • Buy and build new buildings in a more advanced way than in Vice City

  • Gamble at a casino (!)

  • Break into houses and steal stuff


  • Two handed-gun stylin'

  • Form your OWN gang for help on missions

  • Drive bys

  • "Lots more still a secret."

  • Add to that the fact that the game space is 5 to 6 times larger than Vice City. No more loading between areas, and only a couple seconds going indoor/ outdoor. Reflections in real time, improved graphics, Manhunt style auto-aim (HUGE upgrade) with free-aim option on every gun. Obviously a whole new cadre of cars that get rusty and dirty as you play, with improved vehicle response, etc. Longer view distance, more mini-games, more (and better) indoor locations. You're getting the idea.

    A couple intriguing additions include the addition of "brains" to the games "extras." In other words, pedestrians not vital to the game's plot will be reacting more realistically and with a far greater pool of dialogue. Also, like in Tony Hawk Underground, you can make your character, CJ, look how you want him to. "PSM" also states that this universe that is 5 times bigger than Vice City will also be devoid of any filler area. Every nook and cranny will be populated by something vital to the game, or at least of keen interest.

    HUGE improvements over the original!

    Another interesting tidbit: for the first time, the game will automatically adjust it's difficulty level slightly when player gets stuck on a mission- according to the GTA people, only imperceptibly, so as not to force a player into being stuck.

    Some interesting quotes from Aaron Garbut, the art director on the GTA series:
  • "I know every square inch of Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City, and could see it with my eyes shut. San Andreas is different; it's taken me a year just to get to know the workd to the same level."

  • "We've never taken the easy way out, and we've always tried to put as many of the ideas that we liked into our games as possible, but inevitably some never made it. This time I honestly struggle to think of something I'd like to see in the game that isn't already there."

  • "...the sheer amount of content. It's one hundred games in one. There's so much there. We work with the concept that we create a playfield and the toys and let the players enjoy themselves. This time around, we've given away the entire toyshop."

  • In other words, if you want to see or talk to me after this comes out in October...well, go fuck yourself.

    All info from PSM Magazine.

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