18 July 2004

Offensive Pictures, Elliott Smith...

I saw this picture on the net today, and it made me so upset, I had to stop and catch my breath. Your turn. Sorry!

Mommy, what's a 'douche-bag'?

In better, cooler, less annoying news- Elliott Smith's long awaited posthumous record, From a Mansion on a Hill has been scheduled for an Oct. 19th release.

Picture from a May 17th 2000 show at Irving Plaza, NYC attended by Bullshit Memorial

A tracklist was published at Pitchfork-
01 Coast to Coast
02 Let's Get Lost
03 Pretty (Ugly Before)
04 Don't Go Down
05 Strung Out Again
06 Fond Farewell
07 King's Crossing
08 Ostriches & Chirping
09 Twilight
10 A Passing Feeling
11 Last Hour
12 Shooting Star
13 Memory Lane
14 Little One
15 A Distorted Reality Is Now a Necessity to Be Free

As an enormous and still sad fan of Elliott Smith's records, I'm naturally ecstatic about this news. Pitchfork is also reporting that 19 tracks from the sessions will remain unreleased, possibly on another disc from Dreamworks in the future. If you can, pick up any of Elliott's discography. He was a rare talent, and one of the great American songwriters-

  • Elliott Smith

  • Roman Candle

  • either/ or

  • XO

  • Figure 8

  • He, of couse, rose to fame after being nominated for an Oscar for his song in Good Will Hunting, the beautiful "Miss Misery." To this day, along with the Breeders' "Happiness Is a Warm Gun" from Pod, Elliott's cover of "Because" from the American Beauty soundtrack is my favorite cover of a Beatles song of all time. An avid Beatles fan, Elliott sang the track a cappella in his hurt, sad, bright voice. I really, really miss the guy and the records he could have made.

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