26 July 2004

My Top 3 Managers in Major League Baseball

In baseball, there are a number of "good" managers- Ron Gardenhire, Mike Scioscia, Bruce Bochy, Eric Wedge, Ton LaRussa. There are also some terrible ones- Lee Mazilli, Bob Melvin, Dusty Baker. There are though, in my mind, only three truly great managers in Major League Baseball. They manage the Atlanta Braves, Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Texas Rangers.

  1. Bobby Cox

    For such a crusty old baseball man, Bobby Cox is a tremendous manager. What may be his greatest managerial move of all time is the hiring of Leo Mazzone, arguably the greatest pitching coach of all time, a man whom Rob Neyer felt compelled to consider Mazzone for the Hall of Fame. Managing a team to 10 straight division championships is an amazing accomplishment, and while GM John Schuerholtz certainly deserves a lot of the praise, Cox has been a remarkable in game manager, deftly managing his staff and getting remarkalbe results out of often less-than-stellar personel. And for what it's worth- I don't think he takes too much shit, either.

  2. Lou Piniella

    Piniella is such a great manager- it's retarded. He's amazing. Cincinnati, Seattle, and now Tampa Bay- Piniella has not only won where ever he's gone, he has resurrected dead franchises and taken them to dizzying heights- Cincinnati's World Series victory in 1990, Seattle's 116 wins in 2001, and Tampa Bay's shocking rise from the dead. Known for his fiery temper, Piniella is a brilliant in game manager, and wins, wins, wins. One of the great managers of all time.

  3. Buck Showalter

    I don't know when or how it happened. But somehow, Buck Showalter has gotten a reputation- "controlling" is the word you hear a lot. But of you observe Buck as a manger over the long haul, it's clear that not only is he far more aware than most MLB managers, he is more strategic and statistically sound- and while he may not be the player's favorite, there is no debating that he helped build both the Yankees' late 90's dynasty and Arizona's 2001 Series champs. The fact that he was not allowed to see these teams to their ultimate success, and to see them head to said success with inferior managers at the helm is too bad- he's not only one of the best, he's one of the more underappreciated. He has now turned three floundering franchises around (Yankees, Diamondbacks, Rangers) and won, and done it quickly. Deserves all the credit due.

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