12 July 2004

Dominican Dandy Does Us Proud

Good try Dave. Three in the opening round doesn't cut it, but I still love you.

The Home Run Derby was as it always is- fun for the first round, then sort of a chore to watch.

Bonds was fun to watch off the bat, as was Ortiz, as I was looking forward to him. Lance Berkman's second round was unbelievable- the crowd was with him, and he was hitting BOMBS over the train tracks in right field- pushing 500 ft. Ultimately, the night belong to Miggy Tejada, in an impressive 15 HR round, which I'm told is a record. Great.

The coolest man on the planet...

The coolest part was seeing all 14 living members of the 500 HR club in the same place. I didn't think it would do anything for me- but seeing McCovey, Robinson, Mays, Aaron, Killebrew... it was awesome. My personal favorite is probably Frank Robinson, who is, for some strange reason, totally overlooked by the casual baseball fan. Weird. Career 154 OPS+, with a 199 in '66, a 174 in '62 and a 188 in '67. Just awesome, and seems like a cool guy. Hank Aaron looks like he could STILL hit.

Just for the record too, I hate Goose Gossage. OK. Done.

I really loved Manny rooting for Ortiz. That was funny. It seemed like David wasn't liking much of what Ino Guerrero was throwing him, and as he walked off the field, Manny playfully put a Yankee hat on his head and goofily said, "thanks a bunch." It was funny.

Also, Curt Schilling's kids became like, unofficial cheerleaders and back patters for the AL team. It was fun. Good time. Hey- you gotta dig the All Star Game stuff.

Well, maybe not the Celebrities and Legends Softball Game.

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