07 July 2004

DJ Danger Mouse- "The Grey Album"

Download it now.

My brother finally got me a copy, and it's fucking amazing. A true work of art, Danger Mouse has taken music from the White Album (The Beatles) and sampled it, creating a collage of sound and beats to go with rhymes from Jay-Z's recent The Black Album.

I've only listened to the record once and as such haven't really taken time to really dissect what tracks from what White Album songs are used. In "Public Service Announcement," for instance, "Long Long Long" is used, as on "99 Problems," the most screaming, noisy bits of "Helter Skelter" compliment the rhymes.

Easily my favorite though, is "December 4th," using "Mother Nature's Son" to an amazing effect. Later, "Piggies" is turned on its head and given an Indian inflection, and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" gets cut up, spit out, and reinterpreted.

Danger Mouse discusses "The Grey Album" in a piece by the New Yorker- interesting to note that not only were the tracks assembled on a lark- they were done in short of a week ot two.

New Yorker Article- "The Grey Album"

Stupid cover art. Mine is better...

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