11 July 2004

BOS 5, TEX 6

WP- Brian Shouse (2-0)
LP- Keith Foulke (2-2)
SV- Francisco Cordero (30)
HR- D Mirabelli (7), J Damon (10), M Teixeira (18), K Mench (13), A Soriano (17)

Foulke's about to say... FUCK!

Well, we didn't sweep the homestand, but we almost scraped it out despite what appeared to be some sort of umpire conspiracy against us. One shouldn't make it a habit of calling every loss on the umpires- but this one was their's. The inning was lead off with a walk to Bill Mueller, who was subsequently run for by Pokey Reese. Manny pinch hit for Mirabelli and popped to short right. Then, with Damon hitting (after extending his hit streak to 16 games with a HUGE game tying HR), Pokey was picked off first. Except he wasn't even close to being out.

Next, Damon reaches on an error, and upon his SB attempts and subsequent error by Michael Young on the throw, Damon advanced to third. Game tying run 90 feet away. Mark Bellhorn up. Bellhorn works the count full, and a pitch 5 inches off the plate and about 5 inches too low, taken, results in called strike three. Game.

Normally, when a pitch is close- you chalk it up to the "it evens out" factor. Close call, but the close calls even out. But seeing two NOT close calls in one inning that directly lead to our losing the game is a little frustrating. I'm just saying.

Anyway, Wake didn't have it today, and while Leskanic did... again... Foulke didn't either. I like the move bringing him in with the break on the horizon to keep the game close in crucial innings. He just didn't get it done, allowing a run on a sac fly. We battled back tough though- Wake's been worse, he just threw a few flutterers and gave up 5- certainly kept us in the game. Mirabelli's 2 run HR was HUGE, but what was bigger was Mueller's 2 out walk to keep the inning alive. Damon extending his streak with such a big blast was great too.

But we lost. Oh well. If I had been told we'd take 5 of 6 from the A's and Rangers, I'd've taken it in a hot second. And we did. So- great. I say we look great right about now.

As for the Manny hammy situation- I'll comment on it if it becomes a concern, which I doubt it will, especially considering he pinch hit today. I don't doubt the fishwraps will make a deal out of it- but that's not saying much, is it?

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