17 July 2004

BOS 4, ANA 2

WP- Pedro Martinez (10-3)
LP- Kelvim Escobar (5-6)
SV- Keith Foulke (14)
HR- N Garciaparra (5), G Kapler (2), J Guillen (17)

FUCK that... Family Guy is a TERRIBLE show...you're blind, Blue!

OK, OK, David Ortiz fucked up. He did. He was arguing a call from the worst umpire in the history of baseball, Matt Hollowell. He started to walk away, the ump needlessly threw him out, and he flipped out. I'm sure something ticked him off. He got back into the dugout. And then....aw, shit. Damn. He threw some bats on the field in frustration, and worse yet- ugh. One almost hit an umpire on the bounce.

SO he was wrong and he shouldn't have done it, and should get suspended 2 games. He fucked up. We all do it. He's been so great for the team in such a myriad ways... that's the end of it. That's all I'm saying about it. Let's just drop it.

As for the GAME... it really and truly was one of the more poorly called games balls and strikes-wise I've ever seen. EVER. I never whine about umpiring (except for the time, well, I did here). If it's bad- as long as it's consistent, which it nearly always is. Umpires deserve a lot of credit this season, from what I've seen. But this was unbelievably bad. Scioscia and Francona were up in arms all night, as were Sean and Remy- I've never heard announcers as explicitly in protest of an umpire during a telecast.

Pedro, nonetheless, managed to strike out 8, and I honestly could see 11 with a competent umpire. He pitched beautifully tonight, but could only last 6 inning as a result of a high pitch count (who's at fault there? you got it... Matt Hollowell). His HR surrendered to Guillen was a great swing on a decent pitch, and though he gave up another clean run, Pete was hitting 95 (!) on the gun and his change was devastating. His stuff looked as good as I've seen it all season.

Manny sat with a balky hamstring, Trot was 3-for-4 with a walk, Tek had three hits, and Gabe Kapler played extremely well- putting a great swing on a terrible pitch from Scot Shields for his second HR of the year. Hey, the guy made a bad pitch, and he hit it out. It was a big insurance run. The 'pen pitched 3 scoreless, and this win put us in a great position to win 3 of 4 in the series. With Colon going tomorrow (he of 27 HR surrendered) and Schilling facing Lackey Sunday, the Sox could get on a road roll with SeAAAttle to follow.

It's no longer safe to say pitching is the thing Pedro does best. That man's hair is gorgeous.

Also- Williamson is back with the team, playing long toss. We need Willy back. Need him. Leskanic/ Embree/ Timlin/ Foulke looked great tonight though.

Sorry I missed last night's 8-1 loss. It was late, and I wasn't very motivated to post about another road loss. Look, I got myself up for this one though! Yay! Here's the rub on Thurs.'s game- Lowe started well, kinda sucked, the bullpen blew it up, and we got dominated by Jarrod Washburn. Still wish I'd posted on it? Thought so.

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