27 July 2004

BOS 12, BAL 5

BOS 12
WP- Pedro Martinez (11-4)
LP- Eric Bedard (4-5)
HR- M Tejada (20)

This one's for YOU, Bullshit Memorial...

I think we're on our way back from what appeared to be dead. Pete looked great tonight, though he shouldn't have been out there for the 7th and Terry Adams allowed 3 inherited Petey runs to score, and so Pedro's line looks worse than he did.

But we got hits, hits with RISP, hits with RISP and 2 outs... you get the idea. Let's keep a-rollin'. No rain tomorrow!

Also- kudos to Kevin Millar, who has taken well deserved heat all year but kept plugging- and seems to be turning things around a bit. He's opened up his stance a bit, and his scalding the ball. As a result, he was named AL Co-Player of the Week with Miguel Tejada.

All Millar did over the course of the week was lead the league with a .583 average, six homers, 32 total bases, a 1.333 slugging percentage and an on-base percentage of .615.

In the three-game series against the Yankees over the weekend, Millar was 10-for-13 with four homers and eight RBIs. Included in that rampage was a three-homer performance in Friday night's loss, and a 4-for-4 game in Saturday's memorable 11-10 win.

Hi, I'm Carlos Guillen, and I am very possibly the MVP of the AL in 2004 so far...and monkeys will now fly out of your ass.

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