08 July 2004

BOS 11, OAK 3

BOS 11
WP- Pedro Martinez (9-3)
LP- Mark Redman (6-6)
HR- M Bellhorn, (10); N Garciaparra, (3); M Ramirez (23)

The Woman and I spent an awesome night at Fenway for this game, July 7th 2004. Pedro was awesome (despite an iffy 3rd inning), the offense rolled, and Manny Ramirez hit a HR that was absolutely astonishing. It deflected off the top of the Coke bottles on the light tower over the Green Monster, and was off the first pitch thrown by Chad Bradford in the 7th. It was his league-leading 23rd of the year, and puts him squarely in the running for MVP of the AL.

I also got the moms a David Ortiz shirt, and I was convinced by the sign Mark Bellhorn sent me with his 1st inning HR off Mark Redman to go and get his name/ number jersey. The Upper Bleacher seats were fantastic views of the park, and it was an awesome, awesome time. We got there early, saw batting practice up close- David Ortiz, again, convinced me that he'd be the prohibitive pick to win any sort of HR contest (and we'll see, won't we?), and saw the guys up close, including Theo Epstein on his cell phone non-stop. Perhaps... with Arizona?

Great game, good time.

Petey...jump, for my love.

...oh, and click here: Boom.

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