14 July 2004

AL 9, NL 4

AL 9
NL 4
WP- Mark Mulder
LP- Roger Clemens
HR- M Ramirez, D Ortiz, A Soriano

Our boys! Our boys did it!!

Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz each hit a two run HR, Roger Clemens was terrible in front of the home hicks, and Alfonso Soriano's 3R HR earned him game MVP. The AL won easy, earning home field advantage for its champion in this year's World Series. The American League is 7-0-1 in the last 8 All Star Games.

Oh Vlad... Manny is gonna spank you for the MVP this year...poor guy.

It was really cool to see your two best hitters absolutely clean up in the All Star Game, and especially Ortiz, someone who just makes you happy to watch baseball. It sounds corny, it probably is, but it's true. He's easy to pull for. Manny hit an 0-2 hanging splitter off Roger Clemens in the first inning into that Little League short porch in left- but Big Papi's HR was a mammoth blast, an atonement for the sins of the HR Derby. Off a Carl Pavano fastball middle in, Papi unloaded an upper deck shot to deeeeeeep right center. He knew he got all of it when he hit it, too- snapping his back around his head and glancing upward. Beatiful shot.

I'm also not going to lie and say it wasn't fun seeing Rajah get real shakey in front of the home crowd. I don't hate him as much as many Sox fans do... but I don't mind seeing him give up HRs to Manny and Soriano. I'm just sayin'.

RJ to the Sox?

Mmmm... Randy Johnson...arcghhlllarghhh

Reports are swirling about any number of teams, but interestingly enough, the most solid and defined rumor has come regarding the Boston Red Sox. The first rumor has Nomar going to the Cubs for prospects, and said prospects (plus maybe one from us) to the D-Backs for Randy Johnson. It does make sense- the Cubs are out for a shortstop, they have great minor league talent, and the Sox want Johnson.
The expected pursuit of Randy Johnson has officially intensified with the Boston Red Sox contemplating a two-part deal in which they would send Nomar Garciaparra to the Chicago Cubs to secure prospects and then use those young players as part of a package to acquire Johnson from the Arizona Diamondbacks.- New York Times 7/13/04

Another rumor has Nomar going to the White Sox in a similar deal to net Johnson. It originated on a financial website, who's credibility was questioned though they had word of the ARod trade, Vlad signing and Schilling trade early. A screen capture:

It would seem that Boston now has a very real chance of landing Johnson. Anaheim has better prospects, and supposedly RJ isn't keen on rejoining Schilling in Boston (as Gammons has been going blue in the face telling us). But this deal- as in, the machinations of it, make sense. If it woos Arizona, it would then be up to Johnson, which is the great question. Stay tuned...

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