19 June 2004

The Terminal Sucks, My Mom Is Funny

Do NOT see this movie. Seriously. PLEASE. DON'T. The only words: God-awful.

It's not hard to accurately pin down what was wrong with this movie- everything. Literally everything (save for maybe Hanks' presence). The screenplay was insulting to the audience's intelligence, goopey, poorly exposited and nearly character-less. Every single frame was saturated with product placement, and the visuals and composition were as bland as, well, an Airport Terminal.

The worst thing? It was unbelievably, mind-numbingly, eye-crossingly boring. Just utterly stultifying. Nothing of any importance ever happens, and none of the characters are drawn in such a way as to draw our interest and care. Viktor Navorski, told he is held, for reasons outside his doing, in limbo at JFK Airport (his country revolted or something, so for some reason we can't let him set foot on our land...). Fine. As soon as this is set up, it's "away we go-" one-note premise with predictable sappy one-note delivery from Spielberg. Utter trash.

One interesting part of the night was going to Bennigan's with my mom, and a conversation we had afterwards. Talking about one of her bosses, I said, "Mom, be honest... Larry can be kind of an 'a', right?" Of course I was abbreviating "asshole." Then I said, "He can be a bit of a 'd' right?" Of course this time, abbreviating "douche" or "douche bag."

Anyway, whatever I meant, I was obviously sort of censoring myself for her benefit. As soon as I said "...'d'", her eyes lit up like she was really in on our joke, and said "Oh, you mean dork, right?"

Aww, Mom. Funniest thing EVER!

Ulysses reading update- read about 40 pages on the train to Fairfield today. Interesting stuff. We are reunited in some sorts with Stephen Dedalus' father from A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man as Bloom and some other men ride in Paddy Dignam's funeral procession. Interesting stuff.

Particularly got a kick out of Mr. Dedalus' disdain for Buck Mulligan, the younger Dedalus' compadre. Funny stuff. An interesting sequence- we also learn that Leopold Bloom's father killed himself.

Records listened to...

My Morning Jacket- It Still Moves

Detroit Cobras- On Life and Leaving

Pavement- Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain

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