24 June 2004

Red Sox Timely Hitting: Closer Look...

While far from being a comprehensive study, here is a quick look at Red Sox hitters BA/OBP/SLG in both RISP situations and 2 out, RISP situations through today, 24 June. (RISP on top, then the RISP w/ 2 outs on bottom):
  • Damon

  • Bellhorn

  • Ortiz

  • Ramirez

  • Garciaparra

  • Nixon

  • Varitek

  • Millar

  • Youkilis

  • Reese

  • Mirabelli

  • Kapler

  • Pretty self-explanatory. Ortiz leads the team in 2 out RBIs with 27. The things that jump out at you are somewhat expected- Reese's terrible performance with RISP (no matter how many outs), ditto Kapler.

    Further more, a lot of guys are getting on base independent of producing. We have baserunners, but in a lot of cases, we don't have hits from a lot of guys, and early on it seems to me that tables were being set (Damon, Bellhorn, Varitek, Youkilis, Millar) but not being cleared (Varitek, Millar, Reese, Kapler). A lot of this has to do with our lack of Garciaparra and Nixon lengthening our lineup, some luck, some tough pitching. It is not commensurate with the quality of our lineup though, and so one may be inclined to expect it to improve, as I do. Just some food for thought...

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