28 June 2004

OFF DAY, Prepare to Meet the Empire...

Tomorrow, the circus starts, again...


AND- I am going to my very first Red Sox- Yankees contest and my first Red Sox game NOT a Fenway. I'm looking forward to it- but I'm not sold on the wearing Red Sox stuff there. Sounds like an open invitation to be distracted entirely from the game from beginning to end. We'll see. I am really excited, though. I think we have a legit shot at sweeping the series (certainly so do the Yankees, of course). While Tues game is the toughest shot- Lowe vs. Vazquez- we get favorable matches the next two contests:
6/30- Wakefield vs. Lieber
7/1- Petey vs. Halsey

A sweep would go a long way towards righting what ails us. Seeing as I have NO clue what ails us... things could get interesting too. I like watching Yankees- Red Sox... but I hate the attendant circus around it. It is inevitable, but I don't have to like it. Moving on...

Big Papi- AL Player of the Week

David Ortiz has won the American League Player of the Week award for the week of 6/20-26. Over that span, according to redsox.com, Ortiz has performed as follows:
Ortiz hit safely in all six games, posting a whopping slugging percentage of 1.040 while accumulating 26 total bases. It seemed as if every time Ortiz swung, a line drive boomed off his bat. For the week, he was 11-for-25 (.440) with three doubles, three homers, nine RBIs and eight runs scored.

The season thus far, Ortiz has hit .309 with 19 HRs, 72 RBI, 29 2Bs, .360 OBP, .562 SLG. His RBI and 2B totals lead the league, his HR totals tie him for 2nd, and his OPS ranks him 6th in the AL (.951).

It'd be nice if these accolades came with a bunch of wins, but hey, who's complaining, especially with Papi getting hot. Of course, he still isn't the best hitter on the team this year, which is astounding. Consider one Mr. Baby Bull. His numbers, and his place in the league in parentheses:
AVG- .343 (4)
HR- 20 (1)
RBI- 59 (4)
OBP- .442 (2)
SLG- .660 (1)
OPS- 1.103 (1)
2B- 25 (2)
BB- 48 (3)
H- 92 (6)

Them's MVP numbers, y'all.

I hung out with my girlfriend at her job today. It was BORING (just seeing if she's reading). Got some Wendy's... mmmm, Wendy's. EASILY- the best fast food on the Eastern seaboard.

Probably gonna watch City of God tonight. Should be awesome.
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