27 June 2004

My Weekend...

It wasn't a good one. Not because I didn't have "fun," or because I was in a bad mood or something- it's just that when your weekend is centered around something like a funeral for such a terrific, sweet person- well, you're not going to be calling it anything but "not good."

So I got familiar with my friends at the Greyhound Bus company. I took a 4 hr. ride to Binghamton, NY on Sat for the service, then a matching one back home the next day (today).

Thankfully, contrary to this picture- I didn't have to go to Los Angeles.

The ride there was interesting- not too packed, so I got two seats to myself and could keep my bag next to me as opposed to my lap. My fellow passengers were an interesting bunch- they included a girl with multiple bruises on her legs, stringy hair, a predilection for talking to herself in confusion, and sporting an outfit consisting of one item- an oversized red Dickies workshirt. Yikes.

Like this, but red...and with no pants.

It being a 4 hr ride, I decided to just listen to music, ignore the time, and try and focus on something else to get the time to fly. When we pulled into a rest stop, I was upset- it felt like we must have been close, but here we were at a rest stop which, to me, meant we must not be that close- what would be the sense of stopping at a Wendy's when you were less than 5 minutes from your ultimate destination? It's a great question, and when I asked myself WHY we spent 20 minutes at a Wendy's 5 minutes from the Greyhound Binghamton bus station- well I didn't have an answer. I stayed off the bus during the whole stop though- the AC was so high, I think it was about 40 degrees in there.

I also left my cell phone on the bus. I was wearing a pair of pants I'm not used to wearing, a pair that dump the contents of my pockets out whenever I sit down. This includes any cell phone I may be carrying. Thankfully the bus driver found it and left it at the Binghamton bus station. That would have sucked ASSBALLS to lose a cellphone. Damn.

While driving from the service, I noticed an extremely ugly sight on the road- a squirrel who'd had his skull freshly squished, with his legs still twitching in what I'd guess was a lot of pain. Yikes- my girlfriend's mom was horrified. It was fucking gross.

This guy's runnin's days are OVA

That being said, it wasn't my worst roadside animal incident. In fact somewhere near Pennsylvania on the bus ride home today, a deer literally jumped right in front of our bus. I saw it watching, I saw it jump, and as the busdriver slammed on the breaks, I saw it slam off the front and go spinning off behind us. I couldn't see what happened after, but it was ugly. Surely its neck was broken and skull smushed. Gross. I also had the distinct displeasure of sitting next to a woman who was listening to a Walkman, all the while humming in a high, annoying tone. I don't think she knew she was doing it though, in her defense. Still- I nearly strangled her.

So now I'm home. Nothing exciting. I couldn't focus on Ulysses on the bus ride long enough, so instead of wasting my time not absorbing multiple pages, I figured I'd shelve it. No biggie.
Records listened to...
Radiohead- I Might Be Wrong (Live Recordings)

My Morning Jacket- It Still Moves

Bright Eyes- Fevers and Mirrors

Weezer- Weezer

Built To Spill- There Is Nothing Wrong With Love

Sleater- Kinney- One Beat

Peter Gabriel- So

Wilco- A Ghost Is Born

David Bowie- Low

Interpol- Turn On the Bright Lights

Talking Heads- More Songs About Buildings and Food

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