27 June 2004


The best available talent is being snatched up well before the trading deadline, as former Seattle Mariner Freddy Garcia was traded to the Chicago White Sox today, bolstering their rotation and furthering their push for the AL Central. Here's how the exchange shook down:
Seattle gets-
Miguel Olivo, C
Jeremy Reed, SP
Michael Morse, IF

Chicago gets-
Freddy Garcia, SP
Ben Davis, C
cash considerations

This was, by any account, an AWFUL trade for the White Sox. They give up a great young catcher in Olivo, their top prospect in Reed, and a solid low minor league infielder Morse for...

Three months of Freddy "I'm Going To Miss Safeco Field" Garcia and journeyman catcher Ben Davis. Yeesh. While Garcia does own an impressive 3.20 ERA, here is how he fares in and away from Safeco Field:

Home: 2-4, 2.61ERA 58.2IP 2HR 53K .198OBA
Away: 2-3, 3.91ERA 48.1IP 6HR 29K .278OBA

Safeco Field is a pronounced pitcher's park, and it's not hard to see that Garcia has benefitted from the friendly confines. In 10 fewer innings pitched, he's surrendered 4 more HRs, struck out 20 fewer batters, and have hitters batting 100 points higher against him. His ERA is over a run higher, and he's lasted longer in games (8 GS at home, 7 on the road).

That being said- focused purely on the short run- the White Sox got a guy for their rotation that will certainly help, and get them some added wins over whomever he replaces (either Jon Rauch or Felix Diaz). Here's how their new rotation looks, along with their league-leading offense
Esteban Loaiza, RHP (8-3, 4.28)
Mark Buehrle, LHP (7-2, 4.49)
Freddy Garcia, RHP (4-7, 3.20)
Jon Garland, RHP (5-5, 4.84)
Diaz/ Rauch
Not bad. In fact, if Buehrle can maintain consistency, and Garland can improve, they'll be good. Schoeneweis is a big key too- he's on the 15 day DL with elbow inflammation- bad news.
  1. Willie Harris, CF

  2. Juan Uribe, 2B

  3. Frank Thomas, DH

  4. Carlos Lee, RF

  5. Jose Valentin, SS

  6. Paul Konerko, 1B

  7. Timo Perez, RF

  8. Joe Crede, 3B

  9. Sandy Alomar, C

That's a great lineup, especially if they get their best hitter, Magglio Ordonez back after knee surgery. There's a good chance that happens eventually- but the news isn't great (from ESPN):
Battle scarred
"Magglio Ordonez, who had left-knee surgery on June 6, was hitting to all fields during batting practice on June 22. That's the good news. But the White Sox are worried about how Ordonez is running, the Chicago Sun-Times reported June 23. "I don't think he was running too pretty," manager Ozzie Guillen told the Sun-Times. "To me it's still sore. It's not the knee, it's the (scar tissue). The scar tissue is still there. He has two choices, break it up or deal with it. The good news is that it's not the knee anymore, it's the scar tissue."

And finally, on the chance that Garcia continues to dominate- well, at least the Yanks didn't get him.

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