15 June 2004

Creed/ Phish, "Sister Ray"

I had a friend, James, who used to say that he didn't believe in God, but considering food that's unhealthy tastes so good, he said if there was one, he was really fuckin' funny.

Anyway, I'd like to submit evidence that there may, in fact, be a God. These two things happened within about a week of one another:

Awesome Event #1
Awesome Event #2

I liked the first article better. It's nastier. Anyway, if you're too lazy to click the links (and who would blame you), Creed and Phish broke up. Creed hate each other, and predictably, Phish will always love and respect one another.

I don't actually care about this because I don't listen to their music, I don't listen to the radio, MTV and VH1 don't show their (or anyone's, actually) videos, and there's nowhere I can come in contact in with them. I guess I'm just mildly amused about the pain and anguish visited upon their fans. Particularly Creed fans. Phish fans are probably nice people- Creed fans are douches. All of them (isn't that weird? You can really definitively say that if someone likes Creed, they're a douche bag. If they EVER liked Creed, whenever that was, they were, at that time, a douche bag. It's a nice little cultural short-cut).

To mark the occasion (and to stick it a bit more to Creed), here is EASILY the best/ worst/ funniest album cover...ever:

Yeah, you're right- this one's funny too:

Now if Fred Durst could just find out that he was gay or somethin'. That'd be cool.

Today, returning from work, I listened to the Velvet Underground's "Sister Ray," a nearly 19 minute song about shooting drugs (can't find that mainline), sucking dick and lying about it all of it. When did it come out? 1968!!!!, (on the White Light/ White Heat record) It is one of my 5 favorite songs for sure- a song that is, in its sheer impenetrable weight, almost like a book. Loud, scratchy, obnoxious, screeching, repetitive- the best of rock n roll for sure. Reed coaxes every gutteral moan from his amp, Sterling Morrison is steady, and the song rumbles along like a dopefiend who's not slept in days... and can't. If this isn't the quintessential rock and roll "drug song"... then "White Light/ White Heat" is. Either way, the song is a remarkable portrait of a band at the literal top of their powers.

This song is the cool kid's "Stairway to Heaven."

When recording the song, the band set up and clamored away late/ early into the night/ morning, leaving an engineer (or was it a producer?) to throw up his/ her hands in disgust and intone into Reed's headphones- "turn out the lights when you're done. I'm going home." Pure, total genius.

Records listened to today...

PJ Harvey- Uh Huh Her

Velvet Underground- White Light/ White Heat

Nirvana- From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah

(quick point about this one- though some of the stuff on this record is UNBELIEVABLE, particularly the Nevermind-era stuff, they fucked up. I'll agree with Courtney on that one. Firstly, they could easily have made it a chronicle of one of their great shows-- like, oh, I don't know- READING 1992?! Secondly, a handful of the selections leave a lot to be desired. I'm not a Nirvana bootleg expert- but many of the In Utero era selections seem tired and lacking energy, and using a Chad Channing era "Breed," thus robbing it of that amphetamine drumroll opening that Grohl later contributed, was just ridiculous. "Sliver" sucks here (but nearly nowhere else), they picked a less-than-sought-after rarity as the one to include, and overall the album is disappointing.
That being said, I'd be lying if I didn't admit I got goosebumps every time I heard "Drain You," "School," "Lithium," "Aneurysm," "Polly," and "Negative Creep" from Muddy Banks.)

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