22 June 2004

BOS 9, MIN 2

WP- Curt Schilling (9-4)
LP- Kyle Lohse (2-5)
HR- M Ramirez (19), D Ortiz (16), N Garciaparra GS (1)

Curt Schilling was dominant, the Sox hitters rolled against a good pitching staff, and Trot made his Fenway debut tonight. Good night at the park.

Schilling went 7 IP, giving up 1 ER on 4 hits, 0 BBs and striking out 5. Williamson followed looking strong, and Foulke came on for garbage time, giving up one run (and not looking terribly sharp, which is fine with an 8 run lead). Nomar hit his first home run of the season, a first pitch breaking ball grand slam off the fingertips of Joe Roa in the six run 7th inning. It was a shot too- off the camera well in straightaway center. Ortiz got the Sox on the board early with a home run off of Kyle Lohse, going 3-for-5 on the evening with another 2B, this one off a lefty.

And Manny. Ohhhh, Manny. The Baby Bull hit a ball OVER THE SPORTS AUTHORITY sign on the Green Monster, a towering shot that not only gave him the AL lead with 19 HRs on the season, but caused me to scream uncontrollably. He put a HURTIN' on that ball.

See the Sports Authority sign? Baby Bull hit it about 25 ft. over it tonight. Amazing.

AND- in one of my new official favorite Manny moments of all time, NESN cameras caught Manny peeking at Curt Schilling adding to his notebook between innings, almost like a 4th grader cheating on his test. When Baby Bull realized the camera was on him, he started making fun of Schilling, waving his hands at him, and lightheartedly scoffing at the pages of notebook next to him. When Schilling turned and looked at Manny- he looked, honest-to-goodness at Schilling and patted him on the back. Words cannot describe how unbelievably funny it was. Unreal.

Trot continues to look amazing, and got a well-deserved standing ovation upon his first AB. He was, in his second AB, promptly robbed of a HR by a great, great catch by Jacque Jones with his glove arm literally in the Sox bullpen. Trot happened to be miked before the game, and they cut to his audio for Manny's HR. As soon as bat hit ball, Trot said, almost routinely "Well, 3-1." Trot sounded amazed. We all were. Seriously- a ridiculous HR. Ridiculous.

Old, erm..."friend" Jose Offerman returned this evening for, I believe, the first time. Unfortunately Keith Foulke walked him. I can hear Duquette's voice now... "His on base abilities will more than make up for Mo Vaughn..."

And finally- a Curtis Leskanic sighting tonight, ironically wearing J-Off's old number. Hopefully Leskanic's arm can remain attached to his body for the duration of the season, and he can be a help.


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