17 June 2004

BOS 4, COL 7

WP- Jason Jennings (6-6)
LP- Curt Schilling (8-4)
SV- Shawn Chacon (12)
HR- T Nixon (1); K Youkilis (3); J Varitek (9)

It is getting increasingly difficult to stay positive about this team. There is so much I love about this team and how it is presently constructed- Nixon's HR too nearly brought tears to my eyes- but after 18 innings in Colorado with our offense and their pitching, 7 runs flat out blows. It is just terrible.

I don't really know what to say outside of what's obvious to anyone that saw it. They made it interesting at the end against a terrible closer, Shawn Chacon. Nomar had a series of decent ABs, hitting the ball hard. Manny has two hits in the series (but 4 BBs).

Schilling looked really iffy- a complete lack of command, routine failure to finish hitters off, his fastball not missing enough bats. He looked brilliant against one hitter- then embarassing against the next. I truly worry about the MRI results tomorrow/ Friday. His velocity was there, but he was struggling to own the strike zone, missing spots and falling behind hitters. He has apparently claimed to feel fine post-start this evening. Stay tuned.

The Yankees, of course, don't lose games any more. What? You didn't get the memo? Hold on, I've got it here somewhere...

5.5 GB. I refuse to abandon hope, but it would take some run for us to catch up to a team as good and consistent as the Yankees. Dark days, indeed.

I still doubt we will miss the playoffs. I can't imagine a scenario in which two teams from the AL West have better records than the Sox. Games like the last two though simply can't continue. Not driving in even some of these runners on base in Colorado is terrible. Youkilis DID have a great game, as did Trot. Nixon's line looked as follows:

Nixon, Trot RF 1-4 HR, RBI, BB, SO, 3 LOB

His first at bat was good- worked the count deep, saw a lot of pitches, and really charged the ball for a long flyout. His next AB was a HR, one he seemed to be even a bit out in front of- still getting out. It was a really good swing- an encouraging sign. His next AB was a BB, and throughout the game showed tremendous patience. His 9th inning SO was a big blow for the game, but all things considered, not the end of the world. A great first game back for Trot.

Tomorrow's a new day/ game. They're due for a 10 game win streak, at least. Let's hope so...

Mark Bellhorn's career numbers against Colorado pitching (click on his 2004 totals below):


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