16 June 2004

BOS 3, COL 6

June 15, 2004
Boston at Colorado

WP- Joe Kennedy (5-4)
LP- Bronson Arroyo (2-5)
SV- Shawn Chacon (11)
HR- T Helton (12); V Castilla (16)

It is games like this one that try your patience as a baseball fan.

I can take a loss. I can take a loss to a team as bad as Colorado. I can take a loss to a team as bad as Colorado's with a pitching staff as bad as Colorado's. I can even take a loss to a team as bad as Colorado entering play on an 8 game losing streak.

What really wears on me though is seeing a 5th inning with the bases loaded and no out. And not one. Single. Run. Scoring. It almost defies physics- like quarks, things that can be in two places at one time... immensely frustrating. But that's not it! FIVE ABs total in the game with the bases loaded, and only a sac fly to show for it.

Arroyo actually pitched extremely well. He was ahead of hitters all game, throwing almost exculsively strikes, something that has marked every one of his best starts this season. If you would have told Death Wish that he was only going to give up 3 ER in 6 IP in Colorado...he'd have taken it in a hot second.

Bellhorn had a great game, 2 2Bs, 2 RBI and a BB. Manny was 1-for-2 with 3 BBs, and Millar continued to show that he is not worthy of a starting spot on a major league team any longer. Youkilis seems to be showing some signs of slowing a bit- his OBP has dropped 50 pts and his OPS 100 in the last two weeks. Worth noting.

Well, on to tomorrow's game. Hopefully we can continue to chug along at 2-out-of-3 in these interleague games (maybe steal a sweep in SF?). You never want to give up- their pitching staff is starting to crack a bit with injuries, etc.- but the Yankees are poised to go up 4.5 games if they can hold their lead this evening.

Tomorrow a big game- we need a series win, and Curt needs to continue to improve (word has it his side session went swimmingly yesterday, and that there is renewed optimism. ALSO... TROT RETURNS! My boy to hit 6th tomorrow against Jason Jennings. Should be a teary-eyed evening here at Bullshit Memorial.

Trot plays tomorrow.

To see Johnny Damon's 2004 Splits, click on his season line below:

Johnny Damon .283/.381/.422 4HR 33RBI 39R

Lastly, nice to see Byung Hyun Kim has returned to the States. Looking forward to his contributions down the road. He could certainly put the staff at greater ease by cashing in a few quality starts. Here's the report on his return(click picture):

Finally, here is an interesting chart from today's Boston Globe. Nothing at all surprising, and hopefully our bats will take advantage of the Coors Air these next two games. I've been looking forward to our teeing off here since I saw we were playing here way back in winter. Here it is:

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