24 June 2004

BOS 2, MIN 4

WP- Carlos Silva (8-4)
LP- Derek Lowe (6-6)
SV- Joe Nathan (20)
HR- T Hunter (10), M Bellhorn (8), T Nixon (3)

These losses, in and of themselves, are not tough to take. They're tough to take in so great a quantity. It was mostly a ho-hum game, all our offense coming on Bellhorn, Nixon solo HRs (Nixon truly looks great at the plate) and the rest being shut down by a nice performance from Carlos Silva. SHOULD we be shut down by Silva? Absolutely not. But he's been good this year, and he just beat us.

Add to that the fact that Lowe looked as good tonight as he has since 2002, and it really wasn't that distressing a loss. Lowe was rusty out of the gate to be sure, and it cost him 2 runs getting out of it. Then, in the 6th, he made his only real mistake pitch of the game to Torii Hunter, who dutifully took it out of the park. Two more runs.

But Lowe only walked one, struck out 7, and from the end of the first on was dominating, save for his one mistake to Hunter. He earned a win in this game, but the offense just wasn't there.

I still think this team has a 15 game win streak in their blood. We'll see- I really think if the Devil Rays can reel of 12 in a row- well we certainly can do the same. The take-one-step-forward then erase progress is stressing, but then again- if we just win 2 out of 3 the rest of the year, we'd make the playoffs. So I'd take that.

Pokey was hurt tonight diving for a groundball. An optimistic report has him possibly playing this weekend, but I'd guess it'll be closer to a week. Expect at least one Crespo start before then- Nomie DOES need rest more often than usual.

For the record, if we trade our best prospects for 3+ mos. of Beltran and lose him to free agency (a near certainty), I'd be upset. I'd much rather overpay for pitching. That being said- he's damn fun to watch, and for those 3+ mos., I'd enjoy the hell out of watching him play. He's certainly well overrated at this point- but he's still a terrific overall player. Our outfield range would improve considerably with in the outfield and Damon at a corner (though baserunners would advance at will with Damon's arm in a throw position). Anyway, I don't think we do this trade. Just a guess. Click below for Beltran's career numbers.

Let's look for Wake to bounce back 24 June and have a nice outing at home. Radke is tough, but we seem to get our O up for great pitchers this year. Here we go, Timmy...

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