19 June 2004

BOS 14, SF 9

BOS 14
WP- Mike Timlin (4-2)
LP- Jerome Williams (6-5)
HR- M Ramirez (18); D Ortiz (15); K Millar (5); D Mirabelli (5); T Nixon (2) M Grissom 2 (9, 10)


Pokey loves it...

We needed a game like this. Great win- lots of hits, lots of runs, and a very decent comeback.

It looked to me, early, that Wake's knuckler was too good. It sounds stupid- but it was so fluttery that it was all over the place, staying out of the strike zone and Mirabelli's glove. Lots of passed balls, two God-awful no-knucks to Grissom... 4 IP, 7 R (5 earned). He'll bounce back. AND- we picked him up. So it's all good.

The 5th inning was a thing of beauty- for a team with almost chronic bad luck recently, the Deivi Cruz misplay...and the Michael Tucker misplay--they were huge, and lengthened the inning, something we'd been doing for opposing teams too much recently. Millar's HR was on a terrible pitch, one Walker had no business throwing. Here's the play-by-play from ESPN's Game Log:

-Top of the 5th inning
-J Damon walked.
-M Bellhorn struck out looking.
-D Ortiz homered to center, J Damon scored.
-M Ramirez homered to left.
-N Garciaparra struck out looking.
-T Nixon walked.
-D Mirabelli safe at first on error by shortstop D Cruz, T Nixon to third.
-P Reese safe at second on error by right fielder M Tucker, T Nixon scored, D Mirabelli to third.
-T Walker relieved J Williams.
-K Millar hit for T Wakefield.
-K Millar homered to left, D Mirabelli and P Reese scored.
-J Damon flied out to left.

7 runs, 3 hits, 2 errors
Boston 9, San Francisco 7

Good stuff.

Moving on, Trot Nixon appears to be completely rust free, and bordering on mid-season form. Whatever baseball program they put him on in FLA worked- I've yet to see a bad AB since being back. His HR was an absolute BOMB, and he missed on his first time up by about 2 feet. Great to see.

Malaska needs to start throwing strikes. We need a long man.

Keith Foulke's strikeout of Barry Bonds was a masterpiece. Two perfectly placed fastballs that Bonds had the good sense to foul off, and a devastating change. Technically it was looking, but it looked like he went around. Either way- very impressive.

Ahh yes, the Bonds thing. Barry was quoted saying that he'd never play in Boston because of the race relations there, stating that he knew so convincingly even though he'd never played there. He also said the Sox would never build a statue for him because they "don't do that for blacks."

Is Barry Bonds a giant idiot? Apparently, after reading this. Is it a big deal? It'll be made to be one, but it really isn't. He's still a remarkable player. It is an interesting comment, the well-informed part. Boston does have a poor record towards African Americans, and it has in fact hurt them signing players in their history. I doubt it is the issue for players it was in the 50s, 60, 70s and in many ways the 80s-- but it is something to remember. Tom Yawkey was a virulent racist. It would be unfair to suggest that black players should just "forget that."

The breadth of anger I am feeling over the fact that I cannot in any way, shape, or form see the game tomorrow is unprecedented. Since Fox is ostensibly carrying the game, it can't be on MLB Extra Innings. Since I live in a NY market, I get the Yankee broadcast on Fox. I am going home to CT tomorrow...where I too get the Yankee broadcast. MLB.tv has blocked out the Sox game tomorrow. I literally have NO chance of seeing Pedro face Barry Bonds. Ugh. I've been looking forward to this for MONTHS. Disgusting.

Fox should allow out-of-market games to be broadcast on Extra Innings. I can't take missing that game. It is really gonna bother me.


So great game. The Yanks lost, so we're back to a more manageable 3.5 GB. God, Gagne looked filthy tonight against them. 80 straight!

Let's sweep the Giants!

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