27 June 2004

BOS 12, PHI 3

BOS 12
WP- Curt Schilling (10-4)
LP- Brett Myers (5-5)
HR- D Ortiz (19); M Bellhorn (9); Bell (8); Burrell (13)

This was more like it. If we can accept Saturday's embarassment as something of an abberation, and today as a stronger indication of how this season is moving, it's nothing but great news. Schilling- who looked iffy early- battled hard to get through 6 solid innings, finishing of his day striking out Todd Pratt on a beautiful split fastball with runners on the corner. His mistakes were as a result of a strong game plan from a great offensive teams- Pat Burrell and David Bell jumping on first pitch fastballs and hitting 2 solo HRs. Schilling later gave up a run on an RBI single.

The offense was nothing out of the ordinary- the Red Sox are capable of, out of complete struggle and darkness, putting runs up in a serious hurry. As the game progressed, the team looked to be slipping into another hitting slump- until the 3rd. The bases loaded, 2 outs- looking like another lost opportunity- The Baby Bull struck, and hard- a 2 run ground rule 2B, followed by the same from Garciaparra that set the Sox running. 2 in the 5th, 2 in the 7th and 4 in the 8th (off Bill Wagner, including a HR from Mark Bellhorn) gave us a commanding victory.

This coming week brings, of course, the Yankees. Yawn. Let's just win another series and move on. The pitching matchups look as follows:

6/29- Derek Lowe (6-6, 5.24) vs. Javier Vazquez (8-5, 3.38)
6/30- Tim Wakefield (4-5, 4.59) vs. Jon Lieber (5-5, 5.26)
7/1- Pedro Martinez (8-3, 3.73) vs. Brad Halsey (1-1, 8.00)/ Jose Contreras (5-3, 5.53)

No Schill in the Bronx this time... Petey will pick him up...

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