25 June 2004

BOS 12, PHI 1

BOS 12
WP- Pedro Martinez (8-3)
LP- Paul Abbott (0-2)
HR- M Ramirez (20); D Ortiz (18); J Thome (25)


Manny Fucking Ramirez. The Baby Bull. WOW.

Manny put on a show tonight, on both sides of the ball, going 3-for-4 with 2 2Bs, a solo HR, 5 RBIs, and a HR brought back into the yard on a miraculous catch by Bobby Abreu. He was spraying the ball with authority all night, getting ahead in counts and hitting the ball where it was pitched, and with power. Awesome. Then, he did this:

An amazing AMAZING catch running towards the line, full extension, nice grab- wasn't one of those ugly Millar dives where he takes 5 steps in the wrong direction, recovers only in time to do a belly flop while catching- Manny got a great break on the ball (he had to) and looked like a gold medal gymnast going out for it. He could hardly keep from smiling, Pedro waited for him on the mound to congratulate him, and he took a curtain call. On a CATCH. MANNY. If there is a player that makes you smile more than Manny Ramirez, I'd love to see him. Also, he's fucking awesome.

Just a fun game to watch all around. Pedro's only blemish on the game was a HR to Jim Thome after sitting 35 minutes in the rainy weather while the Sox put 8 runs on the board in the 6th. Thome hit a good pitch out, as he is known to do, and then Pete settled down, retiring the side. One of his best outings of the year- his changeup was better than I'd seen it all season, he kept the pitch count down, and gave up only 2 hits.

Hopefully this is a quality step in the right direction, and HOPEFULLY they can get the game in tomorrow, though I suspect they will. Tonight's game was called after 8 due to torrential downpour and lightning in the area. It was official though, and so we're now 41-31. I would LOVE a sweep here- our offense is better, and we're getting the weak part of their rotation, avoiding Millwood and Milton. Hopefully we can get to Wolf and Myers and get a nice head of steam going into New York.

As of right now, no two teammates have as many combined HRs, RBIs or XBHs as Manny and Ortiz.

Finally- conflicting reports as to how Kim faired his first time back in Pawtucket (I'm not even giving Mendoza and his "I worked the whole season back from a never-disclosed injury to pitch and inning and complain of a tight neck" routine the dignity of a report...oops). One report says, per Francona, that he was routinely 85, and touched 90, and that he wasn't even letting loose in his first appearance back.

The other report, from the Woonsockett Call, has him not nearly as effective:
As for Kim, the side-arming enigma started and went an inning, as expected. He threw 15 pitches, 12 for strikes, and like Mendoza, allowed a hit and had a strikeout. However, while Kim was throwing 94-95 miles per hour a year ago at this time, as the Red Sox closer, he reached 83 mph just once on the radar guns of several scouts in attendance and was consistently clocked around 80-81. Earlier this season, when he was demoted from Boston because of ineffectiveness, Kim was hitting 84-85.

Not great news, but it is very possible that Kim simply was not letting loose 100% yet, a fair assumption thus far. We shall see. I still hope Kim comes back and gives us quality innings, and I think he will.

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